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Professional plumbing services

Did you know that there are 715,387 practicing U.S. plumbers, and that even the smallest pipe leaks can result in thousands of dollars worth of water damage? Heating and cooling companies, and plumbing repair services, keep you comfortable, and efficient repair and maintenance can even help lower your energy bills. What are some of the top reasons to call a local HVAC repair company?

When Is It Time to Call a Plumber?

The world’s most famous plumbers, Nintendo’s iconic Mario brothers, float down giant pipes to collect coins and stars. The renowned pair is rarely, if ever, seen doing any actual plumbing. Luckily, professional plumbing services are much more reliable.

Although plumbing repairs average $352, according to HomeAdvisor, paying that once amounts to much less than extra costs from leaks and broken water heaters. In fact, Americans waste more than 9,000 gallons of water waiting for it to heat up, and expenses from running extra water are tacked directly onto energy bills. Hiring a plumber ensures that faucets and pipes work efficiently, and ultimately helps curb energy costs. Wondering how to find a good plumber? Family and friends with first-hand experience are some of the best sources for recommendations.

Do Air Conditioners Require Regular Maintenance?

Air conditioning is making a dramatic shift from a commodity to a near-necessity. Today, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reveals that 82% of American apartments use air conditioning. Moreover, central air conditioning is phasing out once-popular window units. Only one quarter of U.S. homes continue to use window air conditioning units (also according to the EIA). What many Americans may not realize, however, is that with regular maintenance, air conditioning can do much more than keep homes cool. What else can air conditioning accomplish?

A clogged air conditioner can trap dust and allergens. With regular cleaning, or cleaning every 60 days, however, AC units actually filter the air. This promotes clean, allergen-free air that can be especially beneficial to hay fever sufferers and asthmatics.

HVAC repairs promote energy efficient homes and good health. Ask family and friends how to find a good plumber. Fix leaks to shave money off energy bills, and regularly clean air conditioning units to curtail the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

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