How Can New Doors and Privacy Walls Improve Your Home?

Sliding doors

When most people think of doors, they think about the entrance to homes, businesses, schools, or other structures. These entryways vary from sliding doors to barn doors, but each of them have the same purpose; they keep things and people out.

The same can certainly be said about interior doors. They function as room dividers, a means of adding privacy, and a way to bring added functionality and pizzazz to our homes. Here are three ways you can use interior doors and privacy walls to improve the home.

  • Cut Your Utility Bills
  • Recent statistics show that new doors can provide homeowners with a 15 to 25% return on investment. As Building My Green Life points out, effectively using interior sliding doors, or any other modern door types, can help to save homeowners and renters a considerable amount on their heating bill. Consider, when the winter comes around it is not always practical or affordable to heat the whole home. By using a sliding door, considered one unit with two separate panels, homeowners can easily close off parts of their house they want to avoid leaking their heat into.

  • Add Practicality and Flare to the Home
  • Of course, sliding door systems and related products do more than simply cut costs for homeowners. They also add practicality and flare to the space. Barn doors, for example, look great, but they are also extremely quiet to close as they rest on smooth, sturdy tracks. This style of door may have begun its life outdoors but has since moved inside. Mirrored doors are another way to improve home practicality as they give homeowners the functionality of a mirror, while only taking up the space of a door. They make great additions to closets, aiding in getting ready for the day.

  • Greatly Increase Privacy
  • According to the Huffington Post, the average apartment size in New York City is decreasing in size annually. For example, many studio apartments in Manhattan are no larger than 300 square feet. Especially if you are trying to share a space this small, it can be difficult to get any privacy. Privacy walls allow New Yorkers to easily set up their own spaces that partition bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas to greatly increase privacy. Pocket doors, doors that slide directly into walls for a compact, modern look, are a great idea for New Yorkers, or others, who are living in tight spaces and desiring an area for themselves.

Exterior doors are not the only important thing to consider in the home. Interior doors and privacy walls are the key to reducing utility costs, adding practical space to the home, and increasing privacy in small or large spaces.

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