Three Ways to Save Water

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Did you know that an astounding 99.7% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water that humans can’t drink? Yet everyday, the United States wastes 7 billion gallons of drinkable water. This water waste contributes to the nearly 3.575 million people who die from water related diseases every year–that’s enough to fill Cowboy Stadium more than 44 times. What’s more, because so much water is wasted, a child dies from a water related disease every 20 seconds, which means that by the time you’v finished reading this paragraph, an innocent kid has passed away.

Basically, saving water is a bigger deal than most people think it is. Here are a few tips you can use to start saving water right away and deal with this rising problem

1. Change Up Your Menu.

The first way you can start saving water is with what you eat. Many of the more unhealthy things we eat actually take much more water to produce. Drinking tea instead of coffee will save 10.950 gallons; milk instead of beer will save 15,582 gallons of water; and orange juice instead of water will save 16,717 gallons.

2. Catch Leaks Early.

One of the most obvious ways to start saving water is to be on the lookout for leaks. Taps and toilets are the most common places in a home that have leaks, and need to be checked regularly. Garden irrigation systems are also problem areas, and replacing the hoses can also help in a big way.

3. Replace Old Toilets.

The biggest source of waste water in most homes is the toilet, if you can believe it. It accounts for nearly 30% of its indoor water consumption, and older models can use up to as much as six gallons per flush. Replacing these older models can help with saving water, as modern toilets use only 1.28 gallons per flush or less and still provide the same level or superior performance. With these water efficient toilets, the average family can reduce their water consumption by as much as 60%, which is nearly 13,000 gallons of water saved every year!

Saving water is easier than you’d think. If you follow these tips, you can cut down your water consumption and waster water amounts drastically. If you have any questions about saving water, feel free to ask in the comments. For more, read this link:

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