Worried About Foundation Damage? Check These Four Interior Areas

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Home foundations are aptly named. They are — quite literally — the foundation that homes are built on and, when they lose their structural integrity, prompt home foundation repairs will be needed to avoid excessive damage. There are all kinds of problems that can develop when just a small crack in the foundation causes it to lose strength, and, unfortunately, flaws can be hard to spot. But there are a handful of things homeowners can look for on their own without having to do a difficult and time consuming inspection or even walk outside.

Check for Cracks in the Wall

When the foundation shifts, it can actually tear sheetrock in two, so irregular cracks can be indicative of serious problems. Simply looking at the walls and making sure there are no cracks is an easy way to make sure that the foundation in your home hasn’t suffered damage.

Look for Sticky Doors and Windows

When doors or windows stick and won’t move easily, it could be a sign that the foundation has shifted and knocked construction out of alignment. Of course, you’ll have to check to make sure that dirt, grime, or even paint aren’t causing the problem before thinking that you need extensive home foundation repairs.

Lift Up the Carpet

Cracks in the concrete under your carpet or other flooring can simply be the result of expansion or contraction. But if one end of the crack is lower than the other, it could mean that one side of the foundation has dropped. That kind of issue might require extensive home foundation repairs, but getting it fixed quickly is important for making sure your floor doesn’t get any worse.

Do a Little Crawling

For the most part, checking the inside of your home for foundation problems doesn’t require much physical effort at all. But if you have a crawl space, getting on your hands and knees and searching for signs of moisture, like damp floors or a musty smell, is wise. Moisture, particularly when followed by a lengthy dry spell, can cause lots of damage, especially when there is no interior basement waterproofing or a basement sump pump installed.

On their own, none of these issues are guaranteed to mean that you need concrete foundation repairs. However, if you are concerned that there is foundation damage to your home, then checking those spots is a good start. If you find cracks or damage that concern you, call an expert for an inspection and recommendations about what repairs are needed. More research here.

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