Custom Fencing and Which to Choose

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Custom wood fence gates will keep out unwanted pests, people, and most of the time, burglars. You can also have wrought iron fences and gates with decorative wrought iron fencing. While wooden fences offer a more traditional, classic look than other fencing types, most people tend to go with wrought iron fence styles, and chain-link fences. Any custom metal fencing that you choose may not match up well with custom wood fence gates.

Chain-link fence installation involves setting posts into the ground. Then you attach the fence to them. The posts may be made out of steel tubing, timber, or concrete. They might be driven into the ground or set into concrete. Taking its inspiration from the textile industry, the production of these chain-link fences dates back to 1844.

A wrought iron fence is very decorative with several different types of designs in which to choose although custom wood fence gates might not be compatible. Wrought iron fences are easy to take care of since it only needs to be cleaned occasionally with soap and water. You can also protect your wrought iron fence from rust and corrosion by putting on a coat of automobile or marine wax. However, if you have your heart set on custom wood fence gates then your best bet is to stick with a wooden fence instead of chain-link or wrought iron. For more information see this.

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