This Year’s Top Five Hardscaping Trends

Landscaping stones

One of the best features a home can offer is not only an inviting and beautiful backyard landscaping scene, but also a well thought out hardscaping design. Roughly two-thirds of homeowners say they get up to 60% of their landscaping investment back when they sell their home, and most of this return of investment is because of the hardscaping features.

What is Hardscaping? Hardscaping design refers to the built environment amongst the natural environment. Hardscaping includes features such as streets and sidewalks, walls, and other man-made structures.

Benefits of Hardscaping The first step any hardscaping companies take before working on a home is a site inventory and an analysis of soil, drainage, climate conditions, and existing vegetation. Its important to understand that properly selected, placed, and maintained hardscaping and landscaping can provide excellent protection against nature’s elements — leading to reduced heating and cooling costs.

Hardscaping Ideas A hardscaping design can fit both form and function; here are the top five most popular hardscaping ideas this year:

  1. Natural Stone Landscaping stones are becoming more and more realistic as hardscaping technology and design improves. Many homeowners are opting for concrete-laid surfaces with a natural stone appearance, which is achieved using a mold or stamp that is pressed into the concrete before it sets.
  2. Water Features Elegance is all the rage these days with the revived interest in 1920’s glamor and luxury. This trend has carried over to the hardscaping world. People are opting for garden fountains, waterfalls, and even man-made creeks and streams.
  3. Outdoor Kitchens Homeowners are increasingly demanding taking the dinner experience outside, and that doesn’t mean just the picnic table. Patios are now featuring built-in stoves and refrigerators that prevent the need for having to go inside and risk missing the party — and the view.
  4. Retaining Walls A retaining wall prevents soil erosion due to runoff after a rain and can even protect your home against falling trees. Retaining walls are a great option for those living on a slope and either don’t have the funds or have no interest in leveling out their property.
  5. Fire Pits Fire pits are often an easy DIY summer job that can be completed in a day, but with a professional hardscaping design, your fire pit will blend in more naturally with the surrounding environment and other hardscaping features. This is a less expensive hardscaping amenity that still adds value to your home and brings people outdoors.

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