Key Things to Know About Video Surveillance

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The world can be a pretty frightening and dangerous place. We see more and more mass shootings and robberies in the news every single day, with no signs of slowing at all. One line of defense that we do have is the use of commercial security cameras to keep an eye on us and the things and people we care about. In the next two years, the video surveillance industry is projected to grow to an impressive $25 billion. Here are a few reasons why having commercial security cameras is not a bad thing.
Commercial security cameras perhaps most obviously prevent crime. On average, the places where security camera are installed see a 20% decrease in the rate of crimes. Similarly, parking lots — where commercial security cameras are most effective — see more than a 50% reduction in the rate of crimes. If a crime is actually committed, police are increasingly turning to wireless security cameras systems footage during their criminal investigations — surveillance cameras even played a part in catching those responsible for the bombings at the Boston Marathon.
We know that statistics show that security cameras in public places reduce crime. Commercial security cameras also serve a purpose in our schools and homes. About 85% of high schools, 75% of middle schools, and 50% of elementary schools have reported using security cameras, which is definitely a positive thing in light of all of the violence that hes been taking place in them. The use of security access systems are of good use in schools as well. Home security alarms are useful for home security monitoring can also keep an eye on your home, your family, and your belongings, which gives us all good peace of mind. You simply cannot be too careful these days.
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