Top Ten Landscaping Design Trends

The way that your landscaping looks has a lot to do with the way that your home as a whole looks. Landscaping is a great way to add curb appeal to a home and even to make it valued at a higher amount. The best way to design your landscape is to start by getting plenty of elegant landscape and design ideas from online and from magazines. Then, you can choose which elements of each that you want to have in your own landscaping. You can create an elegant outdoor design by factoring in what you want and what is possible to do with your yard.

The backyard materials that you need will depend on the master plan that you come up with. You may need to work with the best landscaping company in the area to create your plans, or you may be able to plan it all on your own. The plan will show you which materials you need to get to make your vision come true. Once you choose a landscaping company, you can work with them to create the landscaping that you have been dreaming of and make sure that it gets done just as it should.

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Did you know a well landscaped yard with a well maintained lawn can be a major selling point for your home? But if you aren’t looking to sell any time soon, it can at least increase the value of your home and make the outdoor view more attractive. If you’re sick of looking at a boring stretch of green space, it may be time to consider a new landscape design.

Here are ten new landscape design ideas to keep in mind:

  1. Courtyard: Mix classic with contemporary landscape by opting for a courtyard in the backyard. Choose modern hardscaping materials such as concrete to create the desired look you want.
  2. Foliage Entrance: If you want to give your guests a grand entrance to your home, a landscaping company can help you choose the proper trees and hedges.
  3. Mix it Up: Mix short, filler plants with taller, eye-catching plants to create movement in your backyard. They don’t have to be blooming plants to make things interesting to look at.
  4. Splash of Color: Choosing flowers to put in your front yard that compliment the color of your house is a great way to unify your living space. Try not to go a few shades above or below the color of your house.
  5. Private Niche: Use retaining walls not just for functional purposes, such as preventing soil runoff, but also to create different “rooms” in your backyard. Strategically adding a wall can give you just the right amount of privacy.
  6. Pathways: A landscape design wouldn’t be complete without a pathway. Consider adding a stone or gravel path that can lead your guests from the front yard to the back yard.
  7. Add Cover: This doesn’t mean add an awning. Instead, purchase vines that can grow onto an archway. They would also look great on a retaining wall.
  8. Ever Green: Add evergreen trees or bushes for year round privacy from the neighbors. They can also block unwanted street views.
  9. Go Lush: Conduct a lawn analysis and ask your landscaping company if they will instead install a variety of plants to cover your entire front yard.
  10. Stay Grounded: If you have a large yard and aren’t sure how to fill the space, choose low-maintenance pedestrian plants to fill the voids.
  11. Geometric Design: Plant your flowers and bushes in a way that will create symmetry in the backyard. This will make you and your guests feel relaxed and in control.

Professional landscapers will help you choose the location of items such as patios, trees, decks, and fences so you can enjoy every bit of your home to the max. Find more on this here:

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