The Low-Down on Three Ways to Move

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Moving can be stressful. Most people rank it only slightly below “divorce” and “death of a loved one” as the most stressful events in life. So it doesn’t help much when you search for the best way to move, and are bombarded with search results from a thousand different companies, each claiming to be the “best choice.”

But take heart. In reality, the seemingly endless parade of moving choices breaks down into three broad, easy-to-understand categories — self service companies, professional moving companies, and portable container companies.

Self Service Companies. This is where they provide the truck and you do all the work, and you simply return the truck when you’re done. This has the dubious distinction of being the cheapest way to move, while also the most exhausting, since you’re responsible for packing and lifting everything, from boxes of books and clothes to furniture and appliances. Many people are also none too keen on piloting a huge, unfamiliar vehicle down our nation’s highway system. But it will save you money, if you don’t mind the extra effort.

Professional Moving Companies. Professional moving companies (also called full service movers) offer a range of service options, from, “you pack it and load it, and we’ll drive it there,” all the way up to “we will literally do every ounce of the work for you.” Obviously, the less work you have to do, the more expensive the option, but that’s what professional services are for — buying the expertise and service of someone else. Professional movers are also a great option if you find yourself under unexpected time constraints.

Portable Container Services. The “mid-size” option, to use a car analogy, portable moving containers combine the personal energy expenditure of a rental truck (i.e. you pack and load everything) with the reliability of professional drivers. A container unit is brought directly to your home, you load it with all your belongings, and then the unit is delivered to your new destination. As a bonus, many moving containers can also double as storage containers, but that also means that this method usually incurs a monthly charge.

No matter which factor most influences your decision — the ease of moving or the cost of movers — you can go back to that search page armed with the knowledge to help you pick the perfect moving solution for you and your situation. Happy moving! Refernce materials.

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