Why Do These Roofs Stand Out From The Rest?

Flat roofing toronto

A farmer in Bern, Switzerland got quite the shock when he discovered one of his cows on top of his farmhouse a little over a month ago. He still does not know exactly how the cow got up there, although he was able to get the animal down. (The cow did, however, take out several slate roof tiles along the way.) Canadians can reasonably expect to skirt this particular problem. Deciding what types of roofing are best can be another challenge altogether. Here are some of the most striking roofs from all of the world to help you get started.

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Rooftop In The World?

“The School of Art, Design and Media at the Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, recently got a new roof that distinguishes itself from other buildings in the campus. And no, if you were thinking, it’s a not a golf course. It’s an organic, vegetated roof that creates and open space, insulates the building, cools down the air and harvests rainwater for self irrigation,” Decoist writes. In other words, types of roofing materials and types of roofing shingles are hardly confined to wood and metal — and this roof in Singapore goes a long way to prove it.

You Could Say This Architect Approached Things From A Different Angle

One brave architect scrapped traditional roofing shingles types and roof replacement guidelines altogether, and, instead, designed one that is completely upside down. The house resembles a feat of design — and physics. It stands upside down, with a mostly triangular roof on as the foundation and flat brick and mortar where the traditional roof should be.

There is a a lot of variety when it comes to types of roofing, and some particularly ambitious architects set out to show just how far they could stretch current lines and boundaries.
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