The Benefits of Residential Solar Power

Modern solar energy services are becoming significantly popular. You could attribute this to solar energy affordability, accessibility, convenience, and low solar maintenance costs. Yet, it is only after you understand more about solar power energy that you’ll make sound decisions.

Most people will confess that there has been a significant change after adding solar panels to my house. Some of the benefits of installing these panels in the home include minimal air pollution, less dependence on non-renewable energy, lower energy bills, and low maintenance costs. Its versatile installation is also a great addition.

You’ll also need to be relatively careful when selecting your solar panels. Usually, you’ll need to prioritize the efficiency of your chosen solar panel. Compare it to the industry average of 16-18% before proceeding. Next, check how long the warranty is, and choose a favorable period. Most manufacturers assure you of between 10 and 25 years. Finally, compare the cost vis-à-vis efficiency.

As you look forward to add solar power to house, ensure that you install the panels in the right places. Place this panel on a slightly slanted roof. It should also not be close to a shade, as it is about solar energy reaching this panel.

Solar power saves money! In 2011, the average 20-year savings of Americans who switched to solar power was projected to be just over $20,000. The savings increased when estimated in more populous states like New York, California, and Hawaii.Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules directly convert solar energy into electricity by using a photovoltaic cell. Lights powered by solar energy produce no pollution and cause no harmful environmental effects. Because of this, solar energy technology for commercial and residential solar panels is growing in popularity.

In order to lower operating costs and increase profits, the most iconic brands in the United States are deploying solar energy systems. In a dramatic increase of over 40% from the previous year, over 32,800 facilities nationwide took advantage of commercial solar energy by mid-2013. But the benefits of solar energy aren’t just for corporations. Residential solar power systems are becoming more available at a rapid pace.

Why add residential solar panels to your home? The benefits speak for themselves!

  • Residential solar systems boost independence! Once you have residential solar panels, you have an independent source of electricity. No one can buy or take the electric that your panels have generated.
  • Solar energy raises property values! Based on repeat sales data, studies have shown that an average installation of solar panels adds a $20,194 premium to the sale price of the home. This means the homeowner who installed the solar panels gets an approximate 97% return on investment. By comparison, the return on a full kitchen remodel averages about 60%.
  • And of course, solar power is good for the environment. The average projected global temperature increase given a conversion from coal to alternative energy sources is the lowest with the shift to solar power, followed closely by wind and nuclear power.

With all of these benefits, it is difficult to argue against the installation of residential solar energy. Saving money and saving the planet can finally work hand-in-hand toward a brighter future. Continue. See this link for more references.

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