Three Reasons Why Wooden Fencing Is One of the Most Popular Types of Fencing in the US

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Wooden fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing in the country, and for good reason. Here’s why so many homeowners choose to add wooden fences around their homes.

Wooden Fences Are Cost Efficient.

Wooden fences are much more affordable than other types of fencing. Six foot tall planks of wood fencing cost only $15 per foot of fencing, whereas vinyl fences cost $20 per foot, and wrought iron fences cost as much as $30 per foot. The only alternative that costs less is chain link fencing, which brings us to our next point.

Wooden Fences Are Aesthetically Pleasing.

Wooden fences are timeless, and traditional. No matter what type of home you have, a wood fence would make it look even better, adding an immeasurable amount of curb appeal to the property. Other types of fencing, like chain link fences, simply can’t stack up. Their harsh, stark appearances can make a home look unwelcoming, and uninviting. Though wooden fences are designed to keep unwanted animals and guests out, they can still make a home look warm and welcoming.

Wooden Fences Can Act as Sound Barriers.

Believe it or not, wooden privacy fences can actually act as sound barriers, keeping unwanted noises from entering your yard and creating a quiet, peaceful space there. You see, sound waves act very similar to liquids in that they try to follow the path of least resistance. The taller and closer together the wooden planks are, the less places there are for the sound travel, which means it doesn’t get the chance to invade your private space.

There are a few reasons why wooden fencing is so popular. It’s cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and soundproof. For far less than what other types of fencing cost, wood fences can make a home far more attractive, and far more peaceful. If you’re thinking about building a fence around your property, definitely consider making it wooden.

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