Should You Move That Piano? And Other Important Questions

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Replacing a carpet can be exciting for homeowners new and old. Getting rid of stained, worn-out, faded carpeting and receiving a bright, plush carpet can rejuvenate a room. With the right color and a nice texture, a new carpet can make all the difference between drab and dynamic. Carpet installation can be difficult, and relies on precise measurements, so if you are inexperienced, it may be best to hire a professional.

Carpeting a room is a time-consuming activity, so make sure you have plenty of time set aside for the installers to do their jobs. Scheduling carpeting installation on a day when you have meetings to go to or parties to host will only make things more stressful for everyone involved. Make sure there are outlets available for the installers to use, and plenty of space for them to set their equipment, whether it’s on a porch or in a spare room. The easier you make the installation process, the more quickly it will be done.

While the carpet installation professionals will move some furniture from the room to be carpeted, you should remove fragile items yourself to prevent any accidents. Unplug any electronics, and arrange to have oversized items, like pianos, taken out of the room before the carpet installers arrive. While they may have been able to move these things themselves, they will appreciate the gesture, and you will be free of any liability you may have been responsible for had they moved the piano.

Lastly, you will want to make sure you are prepared for recovering the room once the installation is complete. It may be your responsibility to re-install any baseboards or molding that were removed during the installation. If the doors were removed, you may need to have them trimmed to compensate for thicker carpeting before placing them back on their hinges.

Carpet installation may be difficult, but with a little consideration, you can make it easier for the people installing your carpet. By preparing your home for carpet installation and providing outlets and space for the installers, the process will go by much faster, allowing you more time to enjoy your comfortable new carpet.

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