Three Important Numbers Behind the US Fence Industry

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Residential fences are an essential part of any home — not only do they serve some very important purposes, but custom fencing options with a variety of fence designs can really add to the outside aesthetic of your house as well. Although you probably haven’t put a lot of thought into the residential fencing industry, it’s actually quite an important facet of home remodeling and real estate markets — and here are a few statistics that explain how and why residential fences are incredibly beneficial:

270,455: The estimated number of people employed by businesses in the U.S. that are directly involved in the fencing industry. By choosing to purchase and install a residential fence from one of your local home improvement businesses, you may not realize it but you’re contributing in a big way to the quality of your community by supporting local jobs.

80-90%: The average percentage of fence applications received by U.S. zoning committees that pertain directly to stockade fences. These fences are used primarily for privacy reasons, but because many neighborhoods have restrictions regarding outdoor features like fences, it’s always important to check with local authorities (and submit an application if necessary) before purchasing and installing a new fence.

99,939: The estimated number of businesses in the U.S. that offer fencing products and services, from selling basic residential fences to helping homeowners choose and install their fences. Local businesses are especially valuable when it comes to this home repair project, because they’re more likely to be aware of any town- or neighborhood-specific regulations regarding certain types of fences and whether the materials and style are allowed.

And last but not least, it’s important to remember that installing a fence around your home has benefits for you as well! The average aluminum fence has a return on investment of about 65%, for example, which is pretty good considering that you’ll likely be using the fence for practical purposes (like safety and privacy), as well as adding a decorative feature to your home — all without sacrificing much when you finally decide to sell your house.

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