Is Your Commercial Kitchen Safe? Read This!

Service for fire extinguisher

Allison had always dreamed of opening her own restaurant. Since she was a little girl playing in her mom’s kitchen and scribbling out pretend menus, she knew that being a restaurant owner and chef would be her life’s work. After working as a chef under her mentor from cooking school and finishing her MBA, Allison decided it was time to make the leap and open up her own restaurant. She wanted to combine the soul of the Southern food she grew up around with some of the French techniques she had learned about in school. She was excited to make her mark on the restaurant scene.
As Allison located the perfect space, she realized there was a lot she did not know about bringing a space up to par (and code!) to be used as a restaurant. One of her uncles was a fire inspector, so she decided to talk with him about what she needed to know to build a safe kitchen in her restaurant.
Over a pan of her famous macaroni and cheese, her uncle really opened Allison’s eyes to the important of fire safety. He told her that each year, there are more than 8,000 kitchen fires in commercial kitchens and each year, fires in restaurants cause nearly $250 million in damages. The majority of these fires, 57%, are causes by cooking appliances. Allison decided she needed to invest in top notch fire suppression system installation. Fire suppression system installation would make sure that Allison’s kitchen would be protected in the case of a fire.
She called up a company specializing in fire suppression systems for restaurants and fire extinguisher servicing. They helped her assess exactly what kind of kitchen fire suppressor system she would need, and taught her some basics about how to service a fire extinguisher. There was a whole world of fire safety beyond what she had learned in cooking school, and she was so grateful she would be able to put in a top of the line restaurant fire suppression system in her new business.
When the day came for her fire suppression system installation, Allison viewed it as a huge step in her goal to finally open her own restaurant. As much fun as she was having designing the menu, hiring the perfect staff, and creating the right ambiance in the dining space, adding in these safety features made her feel safe and responsible. Protecting herself, her staff, and her dream restaurant was the most important thing to her, and the fire suppression system installation represented a huge step forward in Allison’s promising new future.

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