The Only 3 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Roofing

Roofing shingles

When it comes to home maintenance, probably no task instills as much fear in homeowners’ hearts as roofing repairs or installing a new roof. There’s perhaps a good basis for this; both can be tricky, and need to be performed by skilled professionals rather than a DIYer or your average handyman. But if you have the right information and hire the right professionals, these tasks don’t have to be a nightmare. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Regular Inspections Are a Long-Term Investment

    If you’re hoping to cut down on overall roof maintenance costs, then annual inspections are a great long-term investment because they’ll allow you to tackle problems when they first appear, rather than letting them go until you have water pouring inside. It’s difficult to do a good roof inspection yourself (since climbing on the roof can be dangerous, especially if you have a steep roof or a multi-story house), so it’s best to hire a pro for the task. If you’re still on the fence about spending this money up front, take a look at your roofing warranty; it’s very likely you’ll need professional inspections to keep it valid.

  2. The Underneath Layers Are the Most Important

    When it does come time to reinstall sections of your roof or put a new one on altogether, beware companies who take shortcuts in order to “save” you money. The underneath layers are just as important to a roof’s integrity as the shingles on top — perhaps more so — and putting new roofing layers on top of old ones without correcting underlying problems actually decreases the strength and lifetime of the new roof.

  3. You Need to Hire a Company With a Long History

    Roofing is an industry with high turnover, and that means it’s really worth hiring a company that has been in business for years or even decades. These companies have figured out to lay roofs both efficiently and effectively (which will give you both a lower price and a longer roof lifespan), and many younger companies won’t have that balance right. Hiring a company that’s been in business for a long time can also give you confidence regarding its workmanship guarantees; many home maintenance and construction companies offer unrealistic warranties knowing they’ll probably be out of business long before you can ever take advantage of any benefits.

What other home maintenance tasks aren’t as scary as they seem at first? Discuss and share your tips in the comments.

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