Lower Your Utility Bill in 2 Simple Steps

Air conditioning

You check your bills every month, and your water and heat bills are always through the roof! You know that you don’t make it a habit of overusing things. You are frugal with the use of your utilities, but the bills are always sky high. Why is this the case?

Believe it or not, the reason for your high bills may not because of how much you are using water and heat, but the type and condition of the machines that provide you water and heat.

Find out how to lower your utility bill in two steps below.


1. Get the Best Kind of Equipment
Think about what type of air conditioner you have, and about what type of water heater you have. If you own anything but a high-efficiency air conditioner and a tankless water heater, you are most likely wasting resources without even knowing it! Up to 30% of the average home’s heating budget is put towards heating water. However, switching to a tankless water heater can be 24% to 34% more efficient than the standard storage tank water heater. Over $11 billion is spent on air conditioners by U.S. homeowners. Switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner can cut up to 50% of the energy spent on cooling your home , therefore, cutting away a large chunk of your bill.

2. Get Your Equipment in the Best Condition
It’s not all fancy machinery, however – it’s the condition that it’s all in. How old are your air conditioners, your water heater/furnace, your pipes/plumbing? The age of your equipment may be affecting how efficiently it is running. Up to 30% of your home’s energy consumption can be eaten up by an old water heater or furnace. An air conditioner that isn’t maintained regularly has to work twice as hard to cool a facility, which wastes more energy.

Having your equipment serviced and maintained regularly is important. Furnaces, (especially those that more than 10 years old) and pipe systems, and heating systems/air conditioners should be inspected annually. Plumbing services will check to make sure that everything is running smoothly and will install and repair sewer and water pipes as needed. Heating services will take care of all things necessary relating to your heating system.

That’s it, in two steps — 1. Upgrading obsolete heating and water equipment in your home, and 2. maintaining all of your equipment are the two steps that you must take in order to lower your utility bill.

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