Renovating Your Home The Easy Way

Privacy fence panels

Where To Begin?

Buying and owning a home can be hard enough without taking into account all the renovation you’ll be making in the long run, but don’t sweat it — there are well over 90,000 businesses in the United States that offer fencing services, plus the U.S. fence industry makes over $51 billion per year on average. It won’t be hard to find at least one to give your deck or fence an improved look and it’s even wise, as millions of decks in the United States average out at least 20 years old when rot and termites can settle in in a mere 15 years! Yuck! Whether you’re looking for wood fence design or deck renovations, they’re not as complex as they may first seem and will save you a world of trouble if you tackle them sooner rather than later.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

While it seems costly at first, you get your money back in spades over time. In the United States it’s been found that a wood deck addition returns at least 87% of your original investment, which already can soothe worries about high present costs. Outdoor decks designs are also getting more varied and affordable by the day, which can include outdoor privacy if you’re the quiet type. A study found that from 2007 to an estimated 2017 that the U.S. deck and patio industry will grow by at least 2% each year. The time has never been better to give your house and your reputation the polish it deserves. Will you be a part of the change?

Fencing Made Simple

There’s no need to skimp out on fence designs, either! An aluminum fence will generally improve the appeal of any suburban or urban home while also offering a return on your investment around 65%. Remember to take into account the fence around your backyard, patio or pool if you have one. Fence installation companies can give you the new look you need at a cost that pays for itself — fence posts average out at about $10 per post and new combo deals spring up every day. Never let it be said something can’t be long lasting, affordable AND look good at the same time. Deck renovation and wood fence design is a lasting commitment that will boost the value and appearance of any home’s deck, fence or gazebos.

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