Four Things Every Property Manager Needs to Know

Manage drain issues

When managing a property like an apartment complex, it is important to understand the basics of building repair and upkeep. Having a solid grounding in things like wiring and construction will not only serve to help you in the case of minor repairs you perform yourself, but also help you understand when the help of an expert is needed. As you learn more about the plumbing needs of large buildings, however, it becomes obvious that bringing in a professional plumbing repair services is almost always needed. Because the risk of plumbing issues is so high in terms of both cost and resident satisfaction, and there are lots of regulations with which you must comply, it’s good to have a good relationship with a plumbing company near you. To learn more about what professional plumbing repair services can offer your property, keep reading.
1) Money Matters One of the most important reasons to have an ongoing relationship with a plumbing repair service is because things like leaks can have huge financial consequences for you or your residents. More than 3,000 gallons of water can be wasted each year by a single faucet that drips every second. Multiply this issue across a large complex and you are talking a huge difference in your water bill. The toilets in your units may also be a huge source of waste, as research suggests somewhere between 20% and 35% leak. Having a plumber perform regular water leak detection can help catch these problems before they get out of hand.
2) Septic Tank Maintenance If your property uses a septic tank, it is absolutely essential to know about good plumbing repair services in your area. Depending on your property size, your septic tanks will likely need to be services as often as every five years. Skipping this maintenance could result in huge headaches for you and your residents down the road, so it’s important to make sure a professional stays on top of those issues.
3) Breaks Happen If your property is connected to a city sewer system, it’s also good to know your risk for sewer line leaks and clogs. Sewer line clogs, often called by tree roots in clay pipes, can result in the need for major sewer line repair. It’s good to both know your risk for such a clog, and to have someone on your team who knows how to help prevent or repair these issues. Because clogs can result in the loss of water to your residents, it is absolutely essential you have a plan in place to handle issues like this.
4) Keeping Current Finally, as our society works to have a smaller impact on our environment and protect public health, there are more and more regulations surrounding water supply and plumbing. When it comes to water related appliances, like water heaters, there are new environmental regulations that require them to be more energy efficient. Working with a professional plumbing service will help you make sure you stay within the law and current to the code in your area.

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