Answers to Your Basic Questions About Bathtub Renovation

Basic Questions About Bathtub Replacement

A new bathtub can already help you change a bathroom quickly. Bathtub renovation usually won’t take long, but a new bathtub will often have more of an impact than a new bathroom mirror or sink. You also might not have to change anything else about the bathroom if you’re just getting a different bathtub. If the second bathtub still matches the sink and the other features, it may quickly seem as if the tub has always been there.


The ‘bathtub shower replacement cost’ may vary. It may depend on the structure’s specific bathtub features. Replacing or installing a bathtub typically costs about $1,000. If you’re getting a fiberglass ‘bathtub and shower’ combination, the bathtub installation costs shouldn’t be higher than that. Getting bathtub inserts for sale might help reduce some costs.

If you’re interested in getting a much larger bathtub, you could spend as much as $5,500 on the bathtub installation process. A more medium-sized bathtub could cost about $2,500 to install. Shower systems and faucets are typically much less expensive to either remove or install. Getting rid of your current shower system might only cost $100. A bathtub contractor can install the bathtub or other system that you’ve chosen.
If you’re looking into replacing a bathtub in your home, and you’ve never had to tackle the challenge before, you may be overwhelmed by the idea. There can be a lot of questions attached to any home improvement project, but you deserve to have the answers before you get started. (This will save you the trouble of guesswork and keep you from having to redo the project entirely.) Here are some bathtub replacement questions you should be asking:

You can kick your decor up a notch with an elegant claw-foot tub, or make things sleek and modern with a tile splash tub.What can I expect from bathtub tile installation? – If you’re replacing the tile in your bathroom, you can at least expect to be doing quite a bit of grunt work. Re-tiling can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, and the cost of bathtub refinishing can run you anywhere between $400 to $1,300. It’s something that you can do yourself, but given the amount of time and patience required to lay and arrange all the individual tiles, you may want to consider going to a professional.

How long will my bathtub repair take? – Replacing a bathtub isn’t just about the actual body of the tub. You’ll have to detach and realign all accompanying plumbing and fixtures as well. While it’s possible to have the project done in less than a day, it’s wise to allocate yourself an alternate place to bathe for a few days. Because of the amount of precision involved, this project shouldn’t be a hasty one.

Do I have to get the same kind of tub? – The simple answer is “no.” There are so many kinds of tub styles and fixture accessories, you can take this time to really personalize your bathroom. You can kick your decor up a notch with an elegant claw-foot tub, or make things sleek and modern with a tile splash tub. Check out your local home improvement specialists to see how replacing a bathtub in your home can give you the opportunity for new tub styles.

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