Perks of Selling Your House Quickly

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People move all the time. Whether for a job, for family reasons, for a change of scenery, or to meet a new stage of life head on, you are typically looking to sell your house quickly. This often proves to be much easier said than done, as the market fluctuates greatly on a daily basis. When thinking that you want to sell your house fast, it’s best to keep in mind that the average time in a market that moves quickly can be 30 days, while the average at slower times could be closer to around nine months. And those buying a house need to be quite familiar with the current market as well. As real estate agents, when we buy houses, particularly those that need some work, we are aware of the current real estate climate and what the market is doing.

Who do we buy houses from?

  • If you’re moving after getting a job promotion or transfer
  • If you’re moving somewhere new with your newly wedded spouse
  • If you’re moving out of your house into a retirement community
  • If you’ve inherited a house that you don’t need

We buy houses if you are selling houses, quite simply, particularly if you are looking at selling your house fast. And as quickly as possible, in order to take it off your hands and get you on your way. Generally, if a house is for sale, there will be interest in it, regardless of the condition it is in. And you certainly won’t be alone, as the For Sale By Owner market, or FSBO, today comprises 13% of the great number of house sales. The FSBO market is attractive not only to those who hope to quickly sell, but also to those who might be hoping for a better profit. When selling through a real estate agency, the commission that the agent will end up with could be as much as 6% of the house’s final sale price tag.

Whatever your reason for moving or selling your house, you already have plenty to think about and plenty to do. You want to see your house go as quickly as possible, even if you have countless happy memories attached to it. You don’t need to hang on to the house in order to hang on to the memories. You are ready for the next chapter, moving on to make new happy memories elsewhere.

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