Tile Floor Restoration Requires Professional Care

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Few things are as frustrating as a bathroom or kitchen tile floor that just won’t come clean. If your tile floors still look dingy and dirty even after you have spent hours scrubbing and cleaning, maybe it is time for tile floor restoration or replacement in your home.

Instead of wasting your time cleaning services that are dated and unsanitary, why not have a professional install the newest surface that provides easier maintenance and a more modern look? Ceramic tile, for example, accounted for 12.5% of total U.S. floor coverings sales of the $18.76 billion spent in 2012. Flooring decisions can have a huge impact on the resale value of your home and on the maintenance it requires. Considering current flooring trends can often help you make the best decision for your new home or your remodeling project.

In 2010, 39% of hard surface flooring was sold for commercial applications compared to only 25.0% for carpet and rugs. Residential flooring decisions, however, differ. During 2011, for instance, some two-thirds of homeowner floor covering replacement jobs utilized hard surface materials, most often wood or natural stone.

If, however, you have a unique or valuable tile surface, you might consider tile floor restoration instead of replacement. If you decide to go the path of restoration it is important that you consult or hire professionals who are familiar with your flooring. Grout and tile cleaning, for example, often requires the use of products that are effective, but gentle. The best way to clean tile floors, and especially grout, it is recommended that you stay away from harsh chemicals. A mixture of approximately one-third white vinegar to two-thirds water is best for everyday cleaning. If you have stubborn stains or marks that you can not get rid of, it is best to call in a professional.

Tile floor restoration products come in a variety of strengths and prices. If you are attempting a restoration project, the least you should do is visit a professional cleaning supply company and seek their advice. Again, if you are working to restore a tile that is original to your home and is possibly quite valuable, you might be best to ask for a professional restoration bid. If you have a single tile that needs replacement, that work alone can take a trained professional 30 minutes to restore. If you are not good at what you are doing, you could possibly damage other tiles in the process.

Once you have finished the tile and grout cleaning and restoration process, there are steps you can take to make future maintenance easier. For example, topical sealants are easy to apply and sit on the surface of the grout to protect it. These sealants, however, need to be repeated every one to two years. Flooring is an important investment in your home. Make sure that you take the time to consider its selection and care.

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