What Kind Of Custom Wood Kitchen Cabinets Should You Buy?

Custom wine racks and cellars

Few house renovations look as stunning as a remodeled kitchen. Custom wood kitchen cabinets can add a new vigor to your cooking space with additional functionality to boot (you’re not the only one tired of cramped tupperware cabinets!). The best custom cabinets combine personalized craftsmanship with quality materials and marry beautifully with other kitchen furniture like islands, wine racks and drawers. Even better is the ease of installation for both the do-it-yourself type and on-the-go worker! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go over the benefits of custom wood kitchen cabinets and how you can turn your kitchen into the dream you’ve always wanted.

The U.S. Cabinet and Vanity Industry is a lucrative one, generating over $20 billion annually and employing almost 100,000 people in various positions such as sanding, installation, painting and interior design. There are numerous vanity and cabinet businesses located in the United States to assist homeowners and designers alike with their projects — it’s been found that a minor kitchen remodel can offer a financial return as high as 72.8%. 65% of homeowners prefer stainless steel appliances for their cleanliness and ease of maintenance and the majority of people who remodel their home do so to improve its appearance. Custom made cabinets have the additional benefit of allowing you to alter your home as you see fit, making them ideal for any type of taste.

So, what kind of theme and color scheme do you think would suit you? Many homeowners are fond of soft, neutral colors while rustic and classic designs have remained consistently popular for years. Over 60% of those who remodel their kitchens also include a kitchen island in their new set-up — kitchen islands should be small enough to give you room to walk, but big enough to accommodate any cooking projects you whip up. Whether you want custom wine racks to impress guests or custom kitchen cabinets to assist with baking, make sure you seek out quality materials and a theme that will match your interests. Look into your local furniture business and flip through some of the color scheme booklets — a beautiful kitchen and custom cabinetry is only as limited as your imagination!

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