Finding a Reliable Basement Waterproofing Contractor Could Save Your Home’s Value

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Many American homes feature a basement, especially in more northern parts of the United States and Canada. Often used for laundry, storage, or even as a living room or game room, sometimes referred to as a “man cave,” basements add livable square footage to any home and can add value to a property.

Many basements, however, do experience some problems with water leakage; waterproofing basement walls and floors is given top priority by homeowners who want to use the space below their homes. A professional basement waterproofing contractor may be able to provide guidance to homeowners who are interested in repairing foundation problems and in fixing leaks in basement walls.

Experts agree: if the foundation of a home has cracks that are larger than about one-fourth of an inch, it is time to urgently take steps toward repairing foundation cracks. A basement waterproofing contractor should be able to provide a range of water proofing solutions for homeowners who want to upgrade their basements’ potential.

Floods affect many homeowners every year — they are the primary and most commonly reported disaster — and cause over $3 billion in property damage that may have been preventable. Many homeowners make use of sump pumps, designed to remove water from basements; there are various kinds of sump pumps, but most will last well beyond five years.

Outside the home, homeowners are encourage to slope their lawns down and away from their foundations. A six-inch decline for every 10 feet of lawn is recommended, and may prevent water from seeping into vulnerable foundation stones. Also, garden plants should be placed about two feet from the home and should be checked to make sure that they are not funneling unwanted water into the homes’ basement.

Once interested homeowners are able to successfully waterproof their basements, many report high levels of satisfaction with the results. Increased living space, the ability to do laundry, another play and relaxation area for family and friends: contracting with a basement waterproofing contractor may be the first step in long-term home waterproofing.

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