How Pest Control Services Can Save Your Home

Updated: 1/27/2022

When there are bugs in your home, it can make you miserable. You never know when or where one of them will pop up next. You need to get all-around pest control to come out and take care of the problem. Pest control services use a number of different ways of killing pests and making sure that they don’t come back. Many people, and especially businesses, get annual pest control so that the pest control methods are kept up for the year.

Bug control chemicals vary widely based on what type of pest you have in your home. The protocol for mice and rats is much different than for bugs or other pests. For bugs, pest control technicians need to use the best professional bug spray to get rid of the pests. Many times, that will mean biological control for the pests that leave a chemical that causes the pests that survive to be sterile. This can help to control reoccurring infestations of bugs. No one wants bugs in their homes, but many don’t know that certain bugs can bring diseases. Fleas and roaches can both quickly infest a home, and both can spread terrible diseases to humans and pets.

Household pest control tips

One of the biggest fears of homeowners is to be sitting comfortably in your living room while, unbeknownst to you, tons of small creatures are infesting the walls around you, slowly tearing your home apart. One of the most well known and worrisome rodents to plague a home are termites.

Their appetite for wood can cause very serious structural damage to support beams and floors. Even an estimated 15% of all new homes contain some structural damage and defects which are likely a cause of termites.

Not only are they terribly small and difficult to locate, but their sheer numbers make them a force to be reckoned with. The queen of some species of termites have the ability to lay up to 40,000 eggs each day. After a few weeks of going under your radar, there could be hundreds of thousands of these creatures feasting their way through your home.

Pest control services are likely the only method to completely eradicate these stubborn insects. There are multiple termite control options to combat different sizes of colonies and different species of the pests while keeping your home safe. The initial termite control process involves baiting the insects into traps so as not to be overly intrusive into the home. However, if an infestation becomes widespread throughout a home, fumigation, the release of pesticide gases, is the best option for ensuring the elimination of the colony.

With over two billion dollars spent on infestation prevention and termite control for homeowners every year in the United States, it’s clear that these insects can cause substantial harm if gone unseen. However, even after termites have been located and pest control services have been utilized to eradicate whatever insects are present, preventing future infestations should always be the next step.

For any rodent control or pest control services you need, it’s always best to act immediately in these situations. Go online to find the best pest control near you.


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