Carpet, Hardwood or Tile What Floor is Best for You?

Flooring ideas

Carpet is a very popular type of flooding, and in fact 70% of American homes are carpeted. The floors in your home are very important and people tend to be loyal to their own favorite flooring. Carpeting types vary and there are many options as to what type of carpet and where to install carpets in your house. Carpeting a room in wool or a wool blend is a good idea because it is very durable. Woven carpets are known to have the longest lifespan, 20 to 30 years. Carpeting ideas can be very helpful from a magazine or website, as well as carpeting companies who can visit your home and give estimates on installation. Carpeting types vary greatly in material, color and price, and can add a measure of comfort to a living room, bedroom, bathroom or family room. 44% of people like carpet in bedrooms because of the degree of comfort. Manufacturers say that 99% of stains on carpets can be removed within the first few days, and carpets can easily be kept clean with regular vacuuming.
Flooring options also include hardwood, tile flooring, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. There are many types of beautiful hardwood floors with various hardness ratings; pine and fir are the softest while red walnut and Brazilian teak are the hardest. Hardwood flooring installation can be expensive, but some houses have nice hardwood floors under carpets, and they can be uncovered. When choosing between hardwood or carpet, keep in mind that hard surfaces do not trap dust and mold the way carpets do. This could be helpful if there is someone with allergies living in the house, as it provides better air quality. Another hard surface choice is tile, available in several different forms. Installing a tile floor can be good for a bathroom or kitchen, and there are a lot of options to fit any budget. Flooring ideas for carpeting types, hardwood and tile are widely available and a great way to decide how to renovate your home.

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