Using the Modernist Style the Right Way

Extravagant Exclusive Design Bedroom | Architecture InteriorAre you thinking about redecorating your home or business? Or perhaps buying a gift for someone who is? Maybe you have wondered “Where can I buy modern furniture?” Well, whatever the case may be, whatever you are looking for, Theodores has it all. They sell top modern furniture brands.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “modern furniture” allow me to enlighten you. The phrase refers to furniture actually from the 19th century until today but all influenced by the modernist style.

Now a little background on the modernist style: originally, couches were more like beds, where people relaxed and reclined. The earliest known couch, also known as a sofa, dates back to 2000 BC in Egypt. In 1691, there was an architectural manual called “Lessons of Architecture” and in their first edition, Charles Augustin d’Aviler saw the difference between a home’s more formal spaces and the areas that were “le plus habité” — which literally means the most lived in. This began thoughts towards what we know today as the living room.

We picked up many of our nouns from other languages such as Old French where we got the word couch from a phrase that meant ‘to recline’. Sofa actually came from an Arabic word that translated to ‘bench’.

So, what does the modernist style of furniture look like? Well, they tend to more simple, elegant and straight with clean lines and fabrics instead of the typical heavily decoration and carved old fashioned pieces. However, the culture does embrace unpredictability and the unexpected rather than realism and traditional values.

Unfortunately, the Oxford Dictionary defines contemporary simply as, ‘following the latest ideas.’ This does not take hold of the essence of contemporary and modern furniture design. The concepts of this modernist art were expertly and creatively translated directly into furniture. From this, furniture has evolved into simplistic visual designs.

Theodores has revolutionized this style in every way imaginable. Once you take a look at the furniture, you’ll never be the same!

The modernist style has taken over quite a lot of the decorating you will see today. Minimalism is IN and clutter is OUT. Knick knacks are just dust collectors so why not try and find a new way to decorate? One of the many benefits of this style is that it requires less cleaning! That’s enough to convince me, that’s for sure!

What are your thoughts on modern furniture? Too much? Too little? Too modern? Too mid-century? Just right? Comment below and let your opinion be heard. Who knows, you could change the face of home decorating just like Theodores did.

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