3 Ways to Properly Storm-Proof Your Home


With hurricanes becoming a regular occurrence amongst the lower half of the country, storm-proofing your home is the best way to avoid total catastrophe when the high winds and torrential downpours hit. Many families find themselves without a place to live after a storm destroys everything they owned. To properly hurricane-proof your home, there are multiple steps to follow:

  1. Protect Your Windows and Doors: Windows and doors are generally the most vulnerable parts of your home when a storm hits. Installing aluminum, vinyl, or wood impact windows that can withstand strong winds or heavy-duty shutters will protect the inside of your home from debris and objects being hurled by high winds. When a hurricane hits, debris can reach speeds of hundreds of miles per hour, wreaking havoc on everything in its path. Impact windows can withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour and have been tested to hold up against Category 5 hurricane winds.
  2. Install Heavy Duty Garage Doors: When a garage door is compromised in a storm, winds and rain can reach the inside of the home. Even worse, the ventilation can cause the wind to tear your roof off its foundation. A reinforced garage door is the best way to avoid an utter catastrophe.
  3. Clean Debris from Landscape: Pruning trees and clearing your yard of any loose branches and twigs will prevent them from becoming flying debris that can damage the outside and inside of your home. Also, be sure to move any furniture from the outside of your home to the inside or bolt it down. If winds reach enough speed, they can cause your furniture to become dangerous.

Staying safe is the number one priority for those who find themselves in the middle of a severe storm. Being prepared is the best way to prevent damage and harm from befalling your loved one and your home. By hurricane-proofing your house, you can find some solace in knowing you won?t be left without a home after the storm passes.

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