Purchasing a Home Without a Fence Vs One With a Fence


Fences provide many benefits to homeowners and property owners. They are a source of security, safety and even decoration for the property. In fact, some homeowners specifically look for homes that are fenced it. A home or a property without a fence should not be the deciding factor on a home, however, as fences that are installed after you purchase the property can provide many additional benefits to the property owner. A fencing company is able to provide the property owner with more options and customizable choices when having a fence installed after residing in the property.

A lot of property owners spend a lot of time in their yards. Yards are another deciding factor when it comes to deciding on a property to purchase or to reside in. In fact, 83% of Americans thing having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well-maintained. Fences are a plus, because they provide security from intruders, safety from harmful animals and vehicles in the yard and privacy from close neighbors who may be able to see everything occurring in the backyard. When a property does not have a fence, a fencing company can be hired to install fences based on the factors of your yard.

Every property line is different. When a home or piece of property is purchased with a fence, it can be difficult to know for sure if the property line fully encloses the property line of the home or the building. If a fence stays in a specific area for too long, and the neighbors are utilizing the space, it will become their property over time. Having a fencing company install a new fence is a great way to ensure that the fence is completely on your property line, and isn?t taking any chances at reducing your yard acreage owned.

Installing fences after you purchase a property also gives you, the homeowner the ability to completely customize the fencing. Fence companies allow homeowners to choose between materials, designs and even color during the fence installation process. The majority of homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces are addressing their backyard (64%). A fence is a great addition to a recently renovated backyard, providing privacy and entertainment value to the homeowners.

Fence companies provide many benefits to homeowners. Recent purchase of a home is the most common reason for upgrading outdoor spaces (33%), in particular for complete overhauls of outdoor spaces or structures (40%), followed by having the finances to make upgrades (32%) and recent outdoor deterioration (29%). There are many benefits to upgrading and to completely renovating an outdoor space. It can provide additional entertainment space, improve the homes resale value and provide a nice place to comfortably relax in.

A fencing company is a great source for resources and information regarding the installation of a fence to a new property. While some homeowners may be deterred to purchasing a home without a fence, it actually provides many benefits having the ability to install your own fence. When a homeowner is able to hire their own fencing company for installation of a new fence, they are able to choose the spacing of the fence, the material and the color of the fence, and even the design of the fence in their yard. In fact, many homeowner, although pleased with purchases a home with a fence, will eventually want to upgrade or renovate it anyway.

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