Eight Reasons Why Metal Roofs Are a Good Investment for Your Home

There is an excellent reason many people choose metal roofing for their homes and buildings. In addition to being affordable and lightweight, metal roofing is secure and straightforward. Working with an experienced metal roof contracting service provider will help you make the right roofing choice for your home.

Anyone looking for a simple and adaptable roofing option may consider investing in exterior roof panels. A crucial step in a metal roof pilot program involves researching how much steel roofing costs per square foot and comparing the price of a metal roof to that of shingles.

You can also ask a reputable roofing contractor about metal roof supplies to help create a budget. But before you hire them, you need to ask them questions like, ‘Can you put a metal roof over existing shingles?’ This will ensure they are knowledgeable in the metal roofing installation tips required to handle the task.

A skilled roofer will inspect and fix any damage since a roof needs to be checked once or twice a year in normal circumstances. A further assessment is necessary to look for any damage after violent storms or winter with a lot of snow.

Updated 7/19/22


Many people are getting metal roofs for their homes and buildings, and there’s a good reason for this. Apart from being cost-effective and lightweight, metal roofing is safe and easy to maintain. You should check the market to find out corrugated roof sheeting prices or look at the cost of a metal roof versus shingles. This and a few other reasons may make it easier for you to make your decision, which can always be aided further by working with an expert roofing contractor.

Exterior roof panels are a great investment for anyone who wants an easy and customizable roofing solution. If you know any good roofing companies, ask them about metal roof supply so that you can know how to go about coming up with a budget.

If you have an existing roof made of a different material, you may want to search online by typing something like “can you put a metal roof over existing shingles.” Alternatively, ask the roofing orator you’re working with and also check to see if they have experience doing this. In the end, you should spend enough time looking for an experienced roofer so that you can have your questions answered and get a good job done as well.


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If it?s time for you to think of replacing the roofing, you should consider metal roofing. For a number of reasons, metal roofing is a good choice for both residential and commercial buildings. First of all, metal roofs are long lasting and need little maintenance after installation. Their effective lifespan can be as long as 30 to 50 years. Metal roofs are also ecofriendly, since they are recyclable and made from recycled materials. A commercial roofing service can advise you on the choices available to you and which ones are suitable for your building.
Here are eight things you didn’t know about metal roofs that may surprise you:

  1. Metal roofs are ecofriendly, being 100% recyclable at the end of their long, useful lives. They also typically are made at least partially from recycled materials, and most have a minimum recycled content of 25%.
  2. Metal roofs are long lasting and even with minimal maintenance, they can last for up to 30 years. Over the years, painted metal roofs will retain as much as 95% of their initial reflectance and emittance.
  3. Roofs play an important part in keeping a home warm in winter and cool in summer. Roof insulation is important to prevent heat lose in winter. As much as 40% of the heat in a house can be lost through the attic.
  4. Energy Star rated roof products can also keep the house cooler in summer, by reflecting more of the sun’s rays. They can reduce roof surface temperatures by as much as 100F. By reducing the amount of heat transferred into the building, a cool metal roof can reduce the need for cooling at peak demand hours by up to 15%, and associated the energy costs by up to 20%.
  5. In ordinary conditions, roofs should be should be inspected once or twice a year. After especially severe storms or after a winter with heavy snow, an extra inspection should be done to check for any damage. A commercial roofing service can carry out inspections and repair any damage if necessary.
  6. Metal roofs come in different styles, including standing seam roofs, metal shingles and stone-coated metal. Metal shingles are the cheapest, followed by standing seams. A steel standing seam roof typically costs around $300 per square (100 square feet) and up, while stone-coated steel costs start at $350-425 per roof square. Steel shingles cost around $270 per square.
  7. For most metal roofing companies, it is about 20% cheaper to install metal shingles than standing seam roofs. Not only are metal shingles cheaper, they’re also easier and quicker to install.
  8. Metal roofs last much longer than shingles or tile roofs. Most manufacturers of metal roofing materials have 30-50 year warranties. The roofing company that installs your metal roof will have their own installation warranty.

Metal roofs are cost-effective, ecofriendly and long-lasting. A commercial roofing service is a good source of advice and a good place for you to begin discovering the advantages of metal roofing.

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