Four Ways Generator Installation Benefits Your House and Family

Whole home generator pricing

A generator is an excellent addition to any home or business for a variety of reasons. Power outages are the most common reason. During the first part of the year 2014 there were approximately 130 grid outages reported. Generator installation is especially designed for use during power outages for a number of reasons. Read below to see the most popular reasons you should have a backup generator during power outages for your home.


Generator installation helps protect you and your family during a story. Generator installers can install whole house generators so that you do not have to worry in the event that a strong storm blows through. Standby generators are designed to power on in the event that power in the house goes out. When gathering information and whole home generator pricing make sure to ask how much the installation costs and what parts are warrantied. This helps give you an idea of parts that are covered with the cost of generator installation.

Fresher Food

No one can detect a power outage and sometimes when the power goes out you don’t know how long it will be until it is restored. If there are many people without electricity it could be hours before you power is restored, especially during adverse weather conditions. Food in the refrigerator will stay fresh and safe to eat so long as the power is not out more than four hours, and the fridge door stays closed. With generator installation you can avoid discarding a refrigerator full of food if it takes longer than four hours for the power to be restored to your home.

Less Fear From Storms

If you have small children then you understand the fear that comes with the power going out and all the lights not working. While trying to keep the kids calm you are searching for candles to light up the room. After finding candles you are stuck corralling the kids to keep them from hitting the open flame and burning themselves or spilling candle wax onto the floor. Generator installation helps keep the lights on in the event the power goes out in your house. This reduces the fire risk of having to burn candles and reduces the fear that many children feel when power is lost during a storm.

Rolling Black Outs

Many cities experience rolling black outs when excess amounts of power are being used. These rolling black outs can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. In the dead of winter or during the harsh heat of the summer it doesn’t take long for them temperature inside of your home to become uncomfortable. With generator installation you don’t have to worry about that. Your generator will kick on during these rolling black outs and allow either the furnace or the air conditioner unit to continue to work.

Generators are almost a necessity if you plan on being prepared during an emergency when the power goes out in your home. They are easy to store and can be used when needed. Remember that stored generators, which are not used within 30 days, should be stabilized using fuel stabilizer and gasoline. This will ensure that your generator is ready to use in the event of an emergency. When having generator installation on your home, be sure to ask about proper maintenance. There is nothing worse than having a generator that doesn’t work properly when you need it because routine maintenance was not performed on it. Keep your generator properly maintained so that it can work properly when needed.

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