It’s Time to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Living Space

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Have you just purchased and settled into a new home? If so, the next item on your home improvement list is most likely landscape design. Since you want to be as proud of your outdoor space as you are of your home’s interior design, hiring a landscape design firm can assist you with bringing your personal vision into being.

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to revitalize their outdoor space is because they just purchased a new home. In a recent survey, 33% of homeowners said this was their reason for upgrading.

Whether you just purchased a new home, or have been living there for a while, having an inviting outdoor living space can make a difference in your lifestyle. If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, then you’re probably aware that these upgrades will only raise the value of your property.

When you work with a professional landscape design company, you will be able to discuss what you envision. They will work with you closely to bring this into being so that your outdoor living space reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ve been pondering these additions:

    Inground pool
    Outdoor firepits

      Outdoor fireplaces
      Outdoor kitchen
      Outdoor patios

    Other touches you may have been considering include stone walkways, and raised flower and vegetable beds. You may also want to consider fruit and flowering trees that can also provide shade during the warmer months.

    When creating a unique space to relax and entertain, most homeowners focus on their backyard. A recent survey showed that 64% of homeowners were planning to upgrade this area of their property.

    What ideas and projects do you have in mind? When you work with a professional landscape design company, they can assist you with bringing these ideas into being. While many homeowners may enjoy doing these types of projects themselves, a recent survey showed that three-out-of-five homeowners chose to hire a professional to assist them. This was particularly the case when these projects included a major backyard overhaul.

    If you’re planning to put in a garden, you want it to be easy to maintain. This applies, of course, to other aspects of your outdoor living space.

    A recent survey showed that what 71% of homeowners most valued was having spaces that were easy to maintain. When you have a busy lifestyle, especially when you like to entertain often, being able to maintain an inviting outdoor living space makes sense.

    A recent survey showed that 78% of homeowners are changing or upgrading their outdoor systems and equipment. Outdoor lighting is one of the more popular choices. With the right outdoor lighting, you and your family and friends can enjoy sitting outside in the patio through the evening. You may also choose to illuminate your pool or hot tub area and gardens.

    According to a recent survey, 73% of the homeowners surveyed are planning one or more outdoor projects. These may include structures such as pergolas or outdoor kitchens and other convenient additions. Custom-designed stone patios and terraces are also popular choices for 43% of these homeowners.

    One of the many reasons homeowners choose to create outdoor living spaces is so that they can spend time relaxing outside. A recent survey showed that over half of the homeowners polled plan to spend at least six hours a week in their outdoor living areas.

    Once your outdoor living spaces are designed and completed, just imagine the wonderful time you will spend relaxing there with family and friends.

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