Are You Ready to Transfer Some of Your Energy Use to a Propane Source?

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It is your favorite week of the winter.
You take care of the propane tank swaps once you arrive, but you load everything else at your home before heading to your family cabin in the woods. Although the cabin is technically closed up for the fall late fall and winter months, you make this one allowance. This one weekend away that has become both a tradition and a favorite. Armed with notebooks and your standard old fashioned type writer you take to the woods for a week of nothing bur writing and reflection. Many years, the amount of writing that you accomplish in this one week actually surpasses anything that gets written the rest of the years. Perhaps it is the solitude. Perhaps it is the surroundings. Perhaps it is the schedule.
When you are at your winter retreat in the winter you still get up at the same time as you do when you are home. Partly because of the mental exhaustion from writing so much, you also go to bed at the same time as you do when you are home. It is the hours between, however, that are the most different. You have your old cell phone, not the smart kind, that you can use to call home in an emergency, but other than that small allowance for technology you are completely disconnected. No television. No internet. No distractions.
It has always been a strict family rule at the cabin that no technology will interfere in this sacred space. In fact, your two daughters only have a select few friends who ever join you when the whole family travels to the cabin in the summer, because the no technology rule applies to guests as well. It may seem like a strange rule to some people, but those are the people who you really do not want at the cabin any way. Your family takes plenty of other vacations that allow for every kind of distraction, but the cabin trips have always been different. Once they passed the age of 13 you never forced your daughters to join you on the summer trips, but surprisingly they are always anxious for the break.
In reality, you could actually handle both the opening and closing of the cabin yourself, but your husband always insists that he come along. He is the one who usually takes care of the propane tank swaps, even though you know how it is done. He likes knowing that everything is safe and secure and in good working order before he leaves you to your week in the woods. When the time is up, you rewinterize the cabin, make another set of propane tank swaps and return to reality. Without fail, you feel rested and energized. The week of clean, fresh air and the hours of writing make you feel both healthy and accomplished.
Do You Have a Home or Cabin That Relies on Propane Fuel and Propane Services?
Whether your house or cabin has a system of just water heating with propane or you rely on propane for a greater portion of the energy used in your home, you are likely familiar with propane tank swaps and companies that come to your property to refuel your tanks. In a time when the nation as a whole seems to be on edge about relying on energy sources in locations clear across the globe, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are looking to other sources of energy.
Did you know, for instance, that propane resources are fairly abundant right here in America? In fact, 90% of the United States? propane supply is actually produced domestically. In addition, 70% of the remaining supply is imported from nearby Mexico and Canada. Equal amounts of propane no matter where it is secured comes from the refining of crude oil and from natural gas processing. As a result, propane is readily available and serves as a secure energy source with widely recognized environmental benefits. In its current usage, more than 350,000 industrial sites rely on propane for everything from space heating to brazing; soldering to heat treating; and vulcanizing to annealing. In fact, petrochemical industries even use propane in plastic manufacturing.

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