Your Bathroom Is One Of The Most Frequented Areas Of The House Why You Should Remodel Soon

Mosaic backsplash

Why should you renovate your master bathroom? The better question is: why not? The bathroom is where you go to wash, fix your make-up, do your hair, get dressed and brush your teeth. It’s one of the most frequented areas of the average household and an area that can easily become dirty or cluttered from constant use. When the disarray in your home can affect everything from your emotional health to the overall ROI, it stands to reason that a little touch-up can go a very long way. Let’s talk a little about ceramic tile installation, backsplash designs and why you should consider budgeting for a renovation soon.

Are Home Renovations Common?

The United States sees millions of homeowners seeking out the assistance of interior designers and ceramic wall tile installations to create the dream home they’ve always wanted. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, bathroom remodeling is easily the most requested job by the majority of homeowners — this has added up to a whopping 78% of renovations!

How Can A Bathroom Remodel Improve My Home’s ROI?

While not everyone wants to sell their home in the near future, others may be considering putting up their house for sale within the next few years. Bathroom additions have been found to offer an average ROI of 87% — a kitchen remodel, even a minor one, can yield nearly 83% for the American homeowner. That new sink you’ve been thinking of installing or those tiles you’ve been meaning to replace? They could have more lasting influence than you originally gave them credit for.

What Are Popular Remodeling Methods?

The sky’s the limit for transforming your bathroom from mediocre to stunning. Ceramic tile installation is a good way of killing two birds with one stone — you can replace unsightly or even painful missing tiles with new additions or give your entire floor a visual overhaul with decorative subway tiles or glass versions. Other popular remodeling methods include a new vanity, installing a shelf or adding a towel hanger. Never let it be said that a bathroom redesign can’t benefit everybody in the long run!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Remodeling?

The home is where the heart is. When your home is struggling, it stands to reason anyone who lives within is sure to follow. A cluttered, drab or empty home has been directly linked to increased rates of depression, anxiety and poor sleep patterns. Likewise, a beautiful, clean and colorful home can perk up your mood, reduce concentration issues and increase your overall emotional satisfaction.

What Are Installation Tips I Should Know?

Although hiring a professional interior decorator should be number one on your priority list, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your technical details. Manufacturers are frequently using the term ‘subway tiles’ to describe pretty much any form of rectangular tile with a length twice its height — a 4 x 8 inch plank, for example, or a 1×2 mosaic design. One square foot comprises eight 3 x 6 inch subway tiles and it’s essential you measure your entire project space while rounding the number to the next highest square foot to get the mots accurate summary. Add another 10% or 15% to cover potential waste, breakage or cuts during your ceramic tile installation.

Where Do I Get Started?

Curious about ceramic tile installation or a new backsplash tile now? Start checking up on your backsplash designs and try to get a feel of what your bathroom is sorely lacking. Anything that’s chipped or worn out should be replaced, instantly recreating that ‘brand new home’ feel, while a lack of color could be indirectly slowing you down morning after morning. A ceramic tile for a bathroom should be incredibly durable to withstand foot traffic — a PEI rating for tiles indicates strength and durability, so seek out a four or a five to stay on the safe side. Ready to give your home a good touch-up? With this knowledge at your disposal you’re already in good hands.

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