Four Reasons Wood Paneling is Here to Stay


Every movie from the 1970s and 80s has one thing in common: All of the homes had wood paneling. It was a rage that every person embraced. If shows like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper existed back then, you can bet your bottom dollar that they would have covered the walls of every home they renovated with wood wall planks.

While some of the trends from this era are better off staying there (we’re looking at you, shag carpet!), we believe wood paneling hasn’t seen its prime yet. Here are five reasons that wood paneling is a great design choice:

Four Reasons Wood Paneling is Here to Stay

  1. It’s not a fad.

    Wood comes from trees (yes, we know you know this fact). Trees have been around longer than we have. If you take a look at the background of the selfies that oldtimers like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln posted on Instagram (that’s historically accurate, right?), you’ll see one thing in common: wood. Wood fixtures are an element that has always been around, and will never go out of style.

    When you implement wood paneling in your home, you’re future proofing it. While your shag carpet or other super-trendy design factors will need to be replaced down the road when it becomes a has-been, wood paneling will always look classy.
  2. Wood Paneling Provides a Covet-worthy Look

    The most common home feature that home shoppers look for in a prospective house is wood floors. This is because, unlike other flooring materials such as tile or concrete floors, wood offers warmth to a room. It makes the space feel cozy. It’s inviting. It makes you want to relax and read a book. It’s simple and universally liked. Wood floors don’t play hard-to-get in the struggle for your heart.

    Wood paneling has the same warming impact on a space that wood floors offer. When you walk in a room that has wood panels, you get that instant feeling, like you’re wearing a cozy sweater with a cup of hot cocoa in a mountain cabin. You don’t get those warm fuzzies when you walk in a room with painted drywall. Wood panels will always be loved because the ambiance they offer. You feel happy and safe in a wood-paneled room.

  3. It Goes With Everything

    Wood panels are the Little Black Dress of the wall industry. No matter what home decor style you have, wood panels compliment it. You love that rustic barn house look? There is nothing more rustic than natural wood grain. You want that modern minimalist glam look? Throw a simple gold-framed glass-top coffee and a basic couch up in therrr and you’re done-zo my friend. If you love multiple textures in your home design, wood panels offer a nice wood grain that compliments metal and concrete features with no-problemo, without having to be the star of the show.

    This is particularly nice because your architectural taste is going to change over time. Yes, you think you’re going to love the style you’re into at the moment forever, but you’ll get tired of it eventually and want to go in a new direction. When you have wood panels, they easily compliment whatever home decor look you’re into at the moment, and then go along with the next one as if that’s what they were meant for all along.
  4. Wood Paneling is Understated

    The problem with bold design decisions is that they might make a statement today, but down the road they’re going to be a stark reminder of how tacky they are. Remember our mustard-colored shag carpet example. (Sorry to make you the butt of all our jokes today shag carpet, we got nothing but love for you, ya tacky son-of-a-gun). This is something we love about wood paneling. It doesn’t scream at you when you walk in the room. It doesn’t slap you in the face. It doesn’t even take your breath away, unless you’re a particular wood-paneling enthusiast. Wood paneling is your slow and steady friend who you love, but doesn’t stress you out. It’s the mash potatoes of the home design industry. It’s not a meal on its own, but everyone loves mash potatoes and they’ll never go out of style.

We hope this article has brought you to our team wood paneling!

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