Increase Your Selling Speed With Professional Home Staging

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The house selling process can be lengthy and overwhelming. In most cases, you are required to wait until your house has sold until you can put in an offer on your new house. You are left in a sort of limbo, unknown if your house will sell for your asking price and unknown if you will be able to move into a new house. In the meantime, you can improve the chances of your house selling, and for a higher amount. These minor tasks are often overlooked, but are an easy way to increase the speed of the selling process.

Make minor repairs

Too many homeowners ignore minor repairs when selling their house. You would be surprised at how many potential buyers notice these needed repairs, and how much it can affect their buying decision. Even if you are not the handiest of individuals, you can complete small house repairs, such as replacing dented and broken doors, covering paint chips, and replacing broken door handles or faucets. All of these minor needed repairs add up and can cause the buyer to offer less, or to choose another house over yours.

Minor cleaning between showings

Although most homeowners do attempt to thoroughly clean their house before accepting viewers, they often miss important parts of the house. Remember to clean out your vents, clean bathroom and kitchen cracks, and dust ceilings. These are all small things that home buyers notice. The uneasy feeling of a dirty or poorly maintained house can quickly turn a home buyer away. It is also important to clean up after different showings. House buyers can track in dirt, debris, and leaves. When too many viewers visit the house between cleanings, it can begin to look poorly maintained.

Hire a home staging company

Home staging companies often specialize in staging houses for sale. They are aware of the colors, designs, and layouts that best attract buyer?s attention. Buyers want to have the ability to see themselves living in a house. However, too much of the previous owners personality can actually affect their buying decision. You may be able to request home staging tips from your professional real estate agent, but home staging companies tend to be the best at staging a home for sale.

Home staging is also often done based on the location or type of house. For example, a home located on a lake or oceanfront may be staged with waterfront decorations. It is also likely to be painted with colors like coral and different shades of blue. The waterfront staged look reminds people of the unique location of the house, and often keeps it top of mind. Some home stagers may also go a more neutral route, in order to cater to multiple types of buyers. The interior design of the home is also important when targeting buyers.

Interior design

The interior designer usually works closely with the house staging company, as they tend to go hand in hand. Interior design ideas often include example layouts to allow buyers to visualize how they will fit their current furniture into the house. It may also be used to uniquely decorate a house, making that particular house stand out from others the buyers have seen. An interior designer might use decorative mirror designs, large beds to showcase big master bedrooms, or cute color schemes in an office to show its versatility as a nursery. The interior design allows you to get creative in your selling plan.

Most home sellers are willing to do anything to speed up the selling process. A few of the best ways to help your house sell quicker is to make needed repairs, ensure a thorough cleaning between viewers, hire a professional staging company, and use an interior designer to attractive decorations. The ultimate goal is to have potential buyers imagine themselves living in your house as their own, and not being able to forget the images. When they feel like they have to have the house, they will make an offer quicker and for a higher price.

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