Why Home Water Filtration Systems Can Change Your Personal Health

Whole home water purification

We are always hearing about how we need to drink more water throughout our day. Water is such a vital part of who we are and how we function. Without it, we would surely die, but we also seem to often take it for granted. We shower, flush our toilets, boil water for cooking purposes, but we hardly do enough to protect ourselves from the contaminants in our water when we need to drink it. The average household uses roughly 350 gallons of water every day, but how much of that water can we count on when we put it into our bodies?

Whole home water purification
systems have come a long way in recent years. Filtration systems have been developed to handle our kitchen faucets and even our personal water bottles. When we think about drinking water, we might only consider it necessary on severely hot days when we lose a lot of fluids due to heavy exertion. However, dehydration can sneak up on us when we are least expecting it.

Studies have shown quite clearly that even mild dehydration, or a loss of 1 to 3% of our body weight, can cause impairments in our brain function. This can happen just by going throughout a normal day and not drinking enough water. When we are out, we might decide to stop by a convenient store and grab a bottle or two, but that can be quite expensive over time, and when we’re at home, it can be much more practical to simply take out a glass and fill it up from the sink.

When we have whole home water purification systems installed in our homes, the kind of water contaminants that inflict over 900,000 people with illness every year are not something with which we need to bother. Whole home water treatment keeps the contaminants at bay, leaving only cool, refreshing water that will keep us healthy and active.

But whole home water purification systems don’t have only to do with our drinking water. many people experience what is called “hard water.” Water that has a high mineral content can damage pipes over time and leave buildup on shower walls, faucets in the bathtub, bathroom sinks, and kitchen faucets. Having a filter system in place can cut down on those problems and leave your home cleaner and buildup free.

Along those same lines, the hard water in your shower or bath can do damage to your skin. Exposing yourself to those kinds of damaging minerals wears on you after a while, drying your skin and damaging it from the surface.

We all know how important water is to not only our way of life but to our life itself. Do yourself and your family a favor and invest in a water filtration system today. Your bones will thank you for it.

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