Lock Up the Deadbolt, Lock Out the Burglary

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Every year, there are two million or more home burglaries reported to the authorities. Police are being called at all hours of the day or night to investigate home invasions and locksmiths are being called shortly after to replace the locks after a new door installation. More than just a few of these home burglaries could have been avoided with the right kind of lock. Many people don’t realize how vulnerable their home is to a break in until it is too late and their home becomes part of the statistics.

Imagine that you and your family have gone away for the weekend. You live in a relatively safe community, insofar as you have not heard of any of your neighbors having had their homes broken into. You sort of know your neighbors, though you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to do anything more than calling the cops of they see something suspicious.

The more you think about things, however, the more you start to wonder about what a burglar might do if he were to attempt to rob your house. The more you think about it the scarier it becomes for you. You begin to imagine that this potential burglar might be scoping you and your family out, trying to pick up clues as to when you might be away for any extended period of time.

You remember that it took you all a while to get out of the house and since you were going to be gone for some time, you had quite a bit of luggage that you brought out to the car and took your time arranging. He could have been watching you this whole time. You are certain that this could never happen to you, but then you remember that a burglary in the Untied States happens every 13 seconds. The chances actually got a little bit great for you, and you start to panic.

Then, you sit back down in your pool-side chair and rest easy. Why do you sit back and rest easy? You do this because you have just now remembered the new doors you recently had installed on your house. Installing a door didn’t seem like it would be such a big deal, but when the door installation was complete, you could tell that these doors were going to be a tremendous improvement over what you had before.

The different types of keys that came with these doors make it sure that it would not be an easy task to pick the locks. In addition, you realized that it wasn’t going to be enough to have the door installation, you needed to have deadbolt locks added on to the project. This made things a great deal more secure right there.

In addition to the door installation, you had the locksmiths come over and increase your security with a dead bolt because you already know that one out of every ten homes has its deadbolt lock installed incorrectly. A thief can sport an improperly installed deadbolt lock a mile away. By going the extra mile, you increased the safety of your family while everyone is home and the safety of your belongings when everyone is away.

Let’s safe, for the sake of argument that the rest of the trip goes very smoothly and you arrive back home late on a Sunday night. You get out of the car and look closely at your backdoor. It has some scratches there where there weren’t any scratches before. Someone did try to break in. But after only a couple of seconds of trying to find a way in, they knew it was going to be impossible so they left your home and either tried somewhere else or gave up altogether.

Your family seems a touch shaken but you reassure them that because of the precautions you took with the door installation and the adding of the additional deadbolts, no one got in and everybody is safe. That is the perfect ending to what could have otherwise been a disastrous trip for you and your family.

You put everything away and settle into your own bed. You rest safe and sound knowing that you did everything you could.

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