Important Steps in Maintaining the Condition of Your Septic System

Septic tank repair

Having your own home water system can be advantageous in many ways. However, one of the requirements of a home septic system is regular septic tank removal. The sewage water stores in the underground septic system and requires regular upkeep and maintenance. Failing to keep up with these septic system services can cause it to overflow and not work properly. Keep your septic tank in the best working condition with these preventative services.

Regular septic services

Even with regular septic pumping services, you should still have frequent inspections. Unlike other, more visible parts of your house, it is almost impossible to view the condition of the septic tank. There could be a problem occurring, and you are unable to see it. Scheduling regular inspections however, ensures that any disastrous problems are identified before they become too expensive or damaging to your septic system and land. Left untreated, they can overflow and ruin the land that your house sits on.

These regular services can also ensure that you have the right size tank for your household needs. Many homeowners fail to reevaluate their tank needs as their family size or use grows. On average, a single family home will use 70 gallons of water per person every day. Additionally, adding features to the house like a garbage disposal system can add to the tanks contents. A garbage disposal alone can increase the amount of solids in the septic tank by 50%.

Frequent septic tank pumping

Along with regular inspections, frequent pumping services are also needed. Dumping your septic tank should be completed by a professional, especially if the septic tank is permanent. It is a tricky job that needs to be handled properly. The septic tank waste also needs to go into an approved waste area. You can be heavily fined for not disposing of it properly. The exact number of pumping that you need per year will depend on a few factors. There are four factors that impact the frequency of pumping, number of people in a household, amount of wastewater generated, volume of solids in wastewater, and the size of the septic tank. Regular septic tank service inspections can help you come up with an appropriate number.

Timely septic tank repairs

Septic tank repairs are sometimes needed. It is extremely important not to put off septic tank repairs. You probably take great care to ensure that your septic tank is regularly pumped and cleaned to prevent backflow problems. However, if you avoid necessary repairs to the septic tank, you are likely to have backflow problems. If the problem is not handled in a timely manner, the flow can contaminate and ruin both your land and your household. The septic tank repair costs get higher and higher. Eventually, you may even be required to completely replace the entire septic tank system, which can be very expensive. Performing timely septic tank repairs is the best way to keep a handle on your septic tank maintenance.

Replace septic system, when needed

Although septic systems tend to last for many years, they do need to be replaced from time to time. As they get older, they do not work as efficiently and may require more pumps and more repairs. You are also likely to notice more and more backups and problems with the septic system. If you are scheduling regular inspections and pumps, your pumping professional can inform you when it is time to replace your septic system. Replace it soon after to prevent costly damages.

Many homes throughout the country rely on septic tanks. Septic tank systems require regular maintenance, frequent pumps, and timely repairs. If they are maintained properly and efficiently, they will work for many years and can be an advantage to a household. However if they are not, they can become very expensive and inconvenient.

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