Swimming Pool Cleaning Services For Both Fresh and Saltwater Pools

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In 2015 alone, there were around 21.23 million people in the United States that lived in a house with a pool. If you just had a pool put in, or are planning to do so in the near future, chances are that you’re looking for swimming pool cleaning services. Since you want your pool to bring you, your family, and friends hours of enjoyment and exercise, having regular swimming pool maintenance is essential.

Were you aware, for example, that a home swimming pool’s pH levels should be between 7.4 to 7.6? That your pool should be cleaned every week during swimming season? Your swimming pool service knows this as well as other important information.

Do you have a fresh or salt water pool? It’s interesting to note that more and more people are opting for saltwater pools these days. At the beginning of 2016, for example, there were 1.4 million saltwater pools being enjoyed throughout the world. Recent figures, however, show that around 75% of the new in-ground pools being constructed contain saltwater rather than fresh.

If you had a freshwater pool and you now want a saltwater pool, it will take approximately 530 pounds of salt for the average 20,000 gallon pool. The concentration needs to be 3,000 to 5,000 parts per million, as opposed to the ocean, which is 35,000 parts per million.

Since you enjoy swimming so much, you may be interested to know that when you immerse yourself in water, your heart’s blood flow is increased by roughly 33%. Swimming is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise and lots of fun. It’s not surprising so many Americans visit pools, hot tubs, beaches, and fresh water outlets every year. There’s nothing much better than having a pool in your own backyard, though.

Whether your pool is fresh or saltwater, you’ll want to have swimming pool cleaning services on a regular basis. Furthermore, in the event that you need repairs or resurfacing, your local pool maintenance company will be able to take care of these important matters as well. Now that summer is fast approaching, you want your pool to be in the best condition possible so that you can cool off and have fun during these hotter months.

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