Bathroom Tile Tips That Will Personalize Your Bathroom Remodel

Tiles of all kinds are used all throughout many bathrooms and other spaces. People have tiled living rooms, kitchens, and even bedrooms. However, customers typically only add tiles to the walls of bathrooms. It’s easy to create aesthetically pleasing bathrooms this way. Lots of affordable bathroom remodel ideas also include tiles.

The tiles in your new bathroom will be durable. Some tiled floors and walls last for decades. If customers are not planning on changing or remodeling the bathroom again for a while, selecting long-lasting materials like tiles can definitely be quite cost-effective.

Professional home remodeling services can help you with affordable bathroom makeovers. Putting new tiles on the bathroom floor can be time-consuming. That said, the bathroom’s appearance will be dramatically different shortly afterwards. Getting results on that level without tiles might take more effort. Some affordable bathroom renovation ideas involve bathroom decorating as well. After installing new tiles, you can change the shower curtain, the main bathroom mirror, or one of the cabinets. The new items could match the tiles.

People might use the same types of tiles on both their bathroom walls and floors. Still, the bathroom floor and wall don’t necessarily have to be this similar. Let’s learn more about choosing personalized bathroom tiles for your remodeling project.

Subway tile for sale

Are you tired of the same, generic glass tiles? Every bathroom you look at seems to have the same off white glass tiles. Although tile is very durable and looks great in a bathroom, these generic looking glass tiles do not do much for customization or personalization. With these DIY design tips, you can upgrade and enhance the overall look of your bathroom backsplash designs and tiles. Just remember this is your bathroom and the outcome should meet your needs and likes.

Choose a darker glass tile

Do not be afraid to go with a darker bathroom tile. Too much darkness in a smaller bathroom can make it look smaller. However, if you have a larger bathroom or brighter colored walls and surfaces, a darker glass tile can look very modern and upscale. You can also separate the darker glass tiles from lighter ones. Line the bathroom walls with a darker color and then line the shower with a pure white glass tile. The contrast will look wonderful and you can achieve a different look.

Use multi colored backsplashes

Backsplashes pair perfectly with tile. They often come in many different designs and colors and if you choose the right one, it can perfectly complement your tile designs. Just keep color difference in mind, when shopping for the perfect backsplash style. Always use the same material, but never the same color. Attempting to create a clean white look, for example, with white tiles and white backsplash can make it look like you ran out of tile. Instead, choose a grey or off white color to complement the wall tiles. Use ceramic backsplash is a similar, yet somewhat different color and style.

Use varying sizes of the same tile

Another way to create a unique tile design is to use the same color and style, but to mix it up with varying sizes. Consider putting larger tiles on the bathroom floor. The bathroom floor tile will then run into the shower tile, which should be a smaller sized tile. Fortunately, there are many sizes to choose from, with subway tiles being the most common. Manufacturers often use the term subway tiles now to describe any rectangular tile with a length twice its height, from 4 by 8 inch planks to 1 by 2 mosaics, and even some tiles (such as contemporary 2 by 8 strips) that do not share the original proportions at all.

Buy mosaic tiles

Creating a mosaic out of bathroom tiles is extremely unique and personalized. You probably remember seeing beautiful handcrafted mosaics at the local park or school. They can be fun to create and they end up looking extremely artsy. Create a bathroom mosaic with your colors and tile choices. Spend a couple of weeks creating the perfect mosaic. You will be left with an entirely unique bathroom design. Your guests will want to know how you did it. You can include mosaic designs on the bathroom walls, floors, or in the shower. Glass shower enclosures are the most popular choice (preferred by 79% of homeowners).

Practice before installation

It can be difficult to visualize how something will look once completed, especially when it comes to covering an entire wall with tiles or mosaics. Before you begin adhering the tiles to the bathroom wall, lay them out on the floor. Place them together and create the finished design. This will give you a good idea of how the finished product will look. It will also allow you to make cheap and quick changes to the overall design.

According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, bathroom remodeling is the job most requested in the United States, accounting for 78% of renovations. Tiles and backsplashes are one of the most common bathroom designs. You can avoid generic designs by changing up your tile colors, running the same tile design onto the floor, installing tile mosaics, and choosing unique colors and styles of tiles.

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