Does Your Gutter Keep Getting Clogged? Switch It Out Before The Rainy Season Hits

Commercial rain gutter replacement

Summer is still here, but not for much longer. The fall season is on its way and with it comes a slew of fun holidays, beautiful colors and, of course, plenty of rain. You’ve probably asked yourself, “Do I need covers for my gutters?” or whether or not you should consider residential gutter installation. While only you know what’s best for your home, it doesn’t hurt to glance at your options before the weather takes a turn for the worse. There are unique benefits to copper gutters, for starters, and there are simpler ways to go about gutter repair that doesn’t involve tearing out your hair.

To keep things simple, the top five questions will make sure your gutters are clean once the rainy season starts descending from the sky with a vengeance.

When Were Gutters Invented?

Believe it or not, gutters are a relatively recent invention. The rain gutters that we take for granted today were invented in the early 20th century. Earlier models, however, have been spotted throughout much older cultures over the years. It’s thought by many historians the ancient Romans were one of the very first to introduce rain gutter systems to other countries. We’re not here to muse over the past, though. What about the next few months?

How Bad Do Rains Get?

Your gutters are necessary to keep water draining where it needs to go. Without these our streets and homes would be much messier! The average roof can collect over 600 gallons of water with a mere inch of rainfall. For another comparison, a mere one-eighth of an inch of rain would be enough to fill a 54 gallon rain barrel. While those who live in more arid climates don’t have to worry as much, those in the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast have to keep a close eye on their gutter systems.

How Often Should I Clean Out My Gutter?

Not sure how frequently you should clear out your gutter? Perhaps you should look into residential gutter installation. The standards for cleaning vary depending on your environment, the season and the unique confines of your home, for starters, and a professional can help you spend your money wisely. A common rule-of-thumb that works well for most people is cleaning out the gutter twice per year, but it never hurts to double-check!

What Are Common Gutter Problems?

A clogged gutter is probably the most common gutter. You can easily tell when it’s filled to the brim with debris, too, because suddenly all your water is cropping up where it isn’t wanted. Studies have found clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems by a landslide. Additional problems include weak gutters that can’t hold up to the onslaught of constant pressure and break down over time. It’s highly recommended any downspout extensions are directed just under two meters away from your home’s foundation walls.

Should I Install A New Gutter This Year?

Whether or not you need a new gutter can be better determined by your friendly neighborhood residential gutter installation professional. Copper gutters have become rather popular for their myriad of benefits and could be the best option for you should you make the plunge. Copper gutters never rust, for one, and also never need painting. They can even last for over 100 years in any climate! Instead of chugging along with a gutter that just plain doesn’t work, try installing a new one this year and celebrate the rains with a confidence you didn’t have before.

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