4 Tips for an Efficient Home Plumbing System


Your home?s plumbing should minimally, be inspected once per year. This inspection is important in identifying problems and preventing plumbing emergencies. One of the best times of the year to schedule your plumbing inspection is now. Soon, the temperatures will drop to below freezing and this can exacerbate a plumbing problem. Prevent the need for an emergency plumber by scheduling your inspection today.

How to find local plumbers
Do not put off your plumbing inspection because you do not know who to call. There are many local plumbers and you can easily find the best local plumbers with a little research. Additionally, by doing this research and choosing the best local plumber, you can avoid the high costs of an emergency plumber. Affordable plumbing comes down to choosing your preferred plumber before experiencing any plumbing problems.

Increase energy efficiency at the same time
Your annual plumbing inspection can also increase your home?s efficiency and reduce your household utility costs. Regular inspections with your HVAC company for your heating, cooling, and plumbing can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Consider these cost savings. Without a proper HVAC system working in tandem with a well insulated home, energy efficiency can plummet by as much as 30%.

Additionally, skipping a plumbing inspection can result in an emergency problem and the need for an expensive emergency plumber. A traditional 2,000 square foot home that experiences a one inch flood of water may face about $20,920 in damages. If there is even more flood depth than that, the damages can quickly multiply. While some insurance does cover minor floods, it is likely that you will still have to pay a significant amount out of pocket.

Avoid unqualified plumbing professionals
Another problem that you risk with skipping your plumbing inspection is that you are left with an emergency plumber that is not qualified. When you experience a plumbing emergency, you are often in a rush to call out a plumbing professional. This does not give you much time to research experience, qualifications, or company reviews. It is even possible that your emergency plumber does not carry the necessary state licenses. In order to obtain a plumbing license, the Illinois Department of Public Health requires individuals pass a state licensing exam after working under a licensed plumber as a licensed apprentice for a 48 to 72 month period. Avoid hiring an emergency plumber that does not meet these requirements.

Avoid unexpected plumbing and HVAC surprises
Home renovations and repairs are easier to finance when you have time to prepare for them. However, when an emergency occurs, you are left scrambling for the money to cover the repair costs. Some homeowners may even be required to take out home equity loans or to put additional lines of credit on belongings to cover these home repair costs. When you schedule annual plumbing and HVAC inspections, however, you can better prepare for these costly repairs. Your plumbing professional, for example, can tell you when they expect a new plumbing system to be needed. This can give you sufficient time to prepare for the high costs of new plumbing and it can prevent throwing away funds from a plumbing emergency.

As winter approaches, it is more important than ever to properly care for your home?s plumbing system. Avoiding necessary repairs and inspections can cause your pipes to freeze. It can also cause an increase in your home?s utility and water bills. Save yourself from the high costs and high risk of plumbing emergencies by scheduling your plumbing inspection this fall.

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