Did You Know A Simple Kitchen Addition Can Improve Your Home’s ROI By 80%?


What do you like most about your bathroom? Is it the sense of calm that comes with entering a smooth, clean space? Maybe its appeal lays in how you can dress yourself up for a big day. Whatever makes your bathroom one of your favorite areas of the home, it stands to reason that a touch-up can do a world of good. Not only can it keep your house looking beautiful, a simple installation can boost your home’s ROI and make it easier to sell when you’re ready to put it up for market. Home remodeling gurus and newcomers alike will benefit greatly from the list below on improving the master bathroom.

Remodeling Your Home Is A Common Process

Homeowners love to doll up their house. Why not? It’s your personal space and an investment that means a lot to you. Studies have shown nearly 80% of homeowners actively changing the style of their kitchen during any sort of renovation project. Another 90% of homeowners wanted to change the style of their bathroom during an upgrade. A kitchen remodel can net you 80% ROI, which is only the beginning of the benefits you can reap from a modeling session. Everything is connected, after all, and any part of the home that lags behind will be felt by everyone. Flooring companies and kitchen remodeling contractors have you covered.

Improve Your ROI With A Basic Installation

The bathroom has many different areas you can brush up. In fact, it can seem like too many at times. Where do you even begin? A new cabinet is a smart choice for the space-conscious, giving you more room to put all your toiletries, make-up and towels. Others may prefer tile replacement for areas that have become dirty or cracked. A recent study saw 85% of homeowners preferring to upgrade their shower. This can be installing a new backsplash tile or adding a beautiful curtain to breathe in some new life. Bathroom remodelers can give you additions that add up to an average of 85% ROI.

Be Creative With Your Remodeling Choices

There’s no shame in following the beaten path. For those that want to get even more innovative, however, you may find a creative choice the most rewarding. A wooden towel rack holder can add a touch of class to a conventional bathroom while still remaining functional. A new lamp can also imbue your space with a new color — lighting is an entire industry that can completely change your mood and the way you look at your home with the change of a bulb. According to a HOUZZ Bathroom Trends Study conducted the year prior, 30% of survey respondents wanted to expand their shower space.

Upgrade Multiple Areas Of The Home

When you’ve touched up one space, you’ll find yourself just begging for more. Why not skip the middleman and get everything done in one fell swoop? As stated above, homeowners often want to renovate multiple areas of the home simultaneously. This way they can encourage a more harmonious appeal to their house, rather than having a beautiful kitchen existing side-by-side with a lackluster and mediocre bathroom set-up. The National Association Of Home Builders saw 70% of all jobs being requested for the kitchen, second only to bathroom renovations. Does this mean you should hire bathroom remodelers?

Hire A Professional To Help

When in doubt, there are bathroom remodelers waiting to help. Although do-it-yourself options exist, you’re better off having the oversight of a professional to help you through the more intensive work. Bathroom remodelers are very familiar with the process of overhauling a bathroom from the ground up or adding in new furniture, meaning you won’t have to contend with a project gone wrong and hundreds of potential wasted dollars in a solo job. A HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study saw the majority of homeowners enlisted preferring professional help than doing it alone.

A more beautiful home with improved ROI to boot…what are you waiting for?

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