Investing in Energy Efficient HVAC Services Adds Value to Your Home

Your HVAC system is a major factor in how energy-efficient your home is. AC air circulation in house uses a lot of energy. If the system isn’t working correctly, it needs to use even more energy in order to operate. If you want to save money on your bills, make sure that your AC air systems are always in working order. Duct cleaning is a simple, yet efficient, way of keeping your system running smoothly. Too much dust build up in the ducts will disrupt airflow and the system will need to use more power in order to work to the same standard.

You should hire a professional to maintain your AC and heat furnace. Regular repairs and upkeep will prevent major problems from forming. If you replace something small, like the AC and heater fan, as soon as trouble starts, it could prevent severe damage that will result in even more expensive repairs. It will also increase the lifespan of your system. Replacing your HVAC is a major investment, so this will give you more time to plan.

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You still love the fireplace, even though that drives your husband crazy!

You recently had two new furnaces installed in your home. After a yearly check showed cracks in the heat exchangers on both of the 20 year old units so you really had no choice. Financing close to $14,000 for the two furnaces and the decision to replace a 20 year old air conditioning unit at the same time means that you will be paying for this necessary HVAC system for a long time. When you added the air conditioner in, though, you were able to qualify for a energy saving no interest five year loan.

On the coldest of days, though, you still love the warmth and look of a fire in your gas fireplace. Your husband always says that he is annoyed, but you still find him stopping and warming his hands when he walks by. You hope that he is done complaining because the love of watching a fire is something that you will never tire of.

Updating a Home’s Heating and Cooling System May be More Affordable Than You Thought

It might sound confusing, but if the air conditioning in your home is more than 10 years old, you may actually be asked to replace it when you are in the middle of winter and find yourself looking for a new furnace. The reality is though that some of the energy efficiency loans that are available only kick in if you can prove that you have updated all of the hearing and cooling systems in your home. And while furnace and AC service calls can help you maintain the equipment you have, few things can make up for an old and inefficient model.
In fact, if the air conditioner in your home is 10 years old, you may save up to 20% in energy savings by replacing the older model with a newer, more efficient one. Whether you are in the middle of winter enjoying the view and feel of a fireplace or you live in a part of the country where the only temperature control you use is air conditioning, it is always important to make sure that you get the proper furnace and AC service that is recommended by the manufacturer.
Given that 66% of all U.S. homes have air conditioners it should come as no surprise that the heating and cooling industry is an important part of the nation’s economy.

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