Top Reasons Someone Renovates a House

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There are many reasons why someone would want to renovate a home. There are financial reasons, such as when someone is trying to increase the resale value of a home. There are personal reasons, as when someone is trying to make their house a little more attractive to guests. Then there are reasons that are necessities.

Taken one by one, these are some of the reasons why someone would renovate a home.

Many people see their house, among many things, as an investment. A house, unlike an apartment, is supposed to increase in value over time, something that didn’t happen, or at least took a sudden lurch, when the housing market collapsed in 2007. This caused an upheaval in the general economy and millions of jobs.

A house has mortgage payments, generally speaking, although it is possible to buy a house outright. Like an apartment’s rent payments, a house’s mortgage payments can range from hundreds of dollars per month to thousands of dollars per month. A rent payment on an apartment goes to cover live-in space and maintenance costs.

The mortgage payment on a house does not cover maintenance costs. It covers the cost of the loan for the property for the month, which is then paid off slowly (generally speaking) with interest. However, at the end of a certain period, an apartment renter is still sinking money into a place with little end in sight. It is different for a house owner.

A house owner makes payments every month towards a loan that when repaid, makes them the sole owner of the property. This makes owning a house an investment, as it should appreciate in value, though this is not always the case. A house owner can then turn around and sell the house for often hundreds of thousands of dollars after paying in full.

Renovations come into play when a house owner is trying to increase the resale value of a home. Renovations can range from kitchen renovations, like putting in new tile on the kitchen floors, to bathroom renovations like installing new showers and new faucets. There are all sorts of renovations in-between.

Some renovations have major return on investments for a house, which are helpful when it comes up for sale. A bathroom tile flooring, for instance, may have a return on investment of up to 80%, while renovations like landscaping have a return on investment of up to 150%. These can have major impacts on the selling price of the house.

Another reason people might make renovations on a home is to make the space more “liveable” or to put their own mark on a home after buying it. A house owner may not like the carpets in the living room and may want to put in hardwood floors. A house owner may not like the chipped and cracked patio outside. They may want to make changes.

A person who owns a house may feel like they need to make renovations because they are having guests over and they want to make the house look as good as possible. This is different than an apartment renter, as they have a limited amount of possibilities in renovating their apartment. That is usually up to the property company.

And then there are necessities. People renovate a house sometimes because it has problems either structurally or cosmetically that need to be replaced so that a house can function like a house. One of the major issues some houses face is standing against the elements. That’s when the roof comes into play.

Roofing plays an important part in a home. Roofs protect against the weather, including the wind and the rain and even hail. It keeps items from falling into the home, including water from rain, and protects the occupants and inhabitants and items inside the home from damage.

Roof installation can occur when people are in need of a roof or they need a new roof to be installed over the top of the old one. Roof installation involves the use of tools to put shingles on. Generally, roof installation is done with one of five types of roofs. Some shingles for roof installation include metal and composite.

There are roofing companies, whose employees are possibly called roofers, who can help.

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