3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs Or Replacement

Indoor air quality testing

It’ll only be a month or two before most American families feel the need to turn on their air conditioning. But if your AC unit is on the fritz, you won’t be able to keep your home comfortable. Before the warm weather makes its triumphant return, you might want to ask yourself: have you noticed any of these AC troubles in the last year? And have you called your HVAC contractor to service your unit yet?

  1. Strange smells or sounds: Under normal circumstances, your air conditioning shouldn’t make a lot of noise or give off foul odors. If you hear any squealing, grinding, or scraping noises, turn off the unit and call your heating and cooling service. Otherwise, running your air conditioner could lead to further damage. Strange odors could indicate burning wires or mold somewhere in the unit or in your ducts. Follow the same procedure outlined here if you smell something funny coming from your AC.
  2. Hot air (or no airflow at all): Central air is supposed to keep your home cool and comfortable during the warmest months of the year. So if it’s blowing warm air, you’ve got a problem. There could be several possible causes for this, so you’ll want to call your HVAC company to get a definitive diagnosis. Little to no airflow at all is also a problem many homeowners face with their air conditioners. If you’re feeling nothing coming through your vents, it could be due to a bad compressor or a problem with your ducts. Either way, you’ll want to contact the professionals.

  3. Steadily climbing bills: No one likes paying their monthly utility bills, but unless you’ve recently moved or are experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, these costs should remain relatively steady from year to year. If you’ve noticed a significant upward trend in your cooling bills and your utility company hasn’t made a mistake, it could have something to do with your HVAC. A ductwork leak, a malfunctioning thermostat, or an older unit could be to blame. Contact your technician to nip the problem in the bud.

Be sure to check for the following signs and call for HVAC service if they sound familiar. You may need to have repairs performed or opt for new air conditioning installation.

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