What To Consider When Renovating Your Outdoor Spaces

Much like the interiors of our homes, the exteriors of ours homes are important and in some ways, more so. After all, it is the exterior of our home that we present to the world, and it is the exterior of our home that determines its curb appeal, as well as greatly affects its selling price if ever put on the market. In fact, up to ninety percent of realtors will recommend landscape updates and exterior renovations before a home is placed on the market and shown to potential buyers, as a newly renovated lawn and landscaping design can help a home to sell for nearly fifteen percent more than it would have otherwise. Hardscaping, which refers to the construction of more permanent exterior features such as a deck, driveway, or patio, is also on the rise, with more than half of homes now including at least one of the above features.

Driveway resurfacing is a popular task taken on by those who are looking seriously into hardscaping. Driveway resurfacing often becomes necessary after a number of years when a driveway starts to look worn down and even out of date. The proper driveway resurfacing can bring it back to live, and make it all the more enjoyable for the car owners of the family to use.

Many home owners who are interested in driveway resurfacing have been hiring paving companies, as gravel has become a popular material for driveways in all places of the United States, so much so that nearly forty percent of all home owners use gravel or crushed rock for some aspect of hardscaping – often for driveways. If a driveway that utilizes such materials is well cared for and frequently kept up, it can make a more than sound investment, as it is likely to last for at least ten years and in some cases even longer than that.

Some patios also utilize gravel and crushed rock, but more and more home owners are turning to concrete as a material for their patios. Concrete is incredibly durable, and is the perfect material to apply an epoxy coating to. An epoxy coating on a concrete patio (or even a concrete driveway, if your driveway resurfacing project steers you away from gravel and crushed rock driveways) can protect it as well as improve its overall appearance, as the brightness of an epoxy coated floor can be as much as two hundred percent greater than a floor with no epoxy coating. An epoxy patio coating is also likely to be durable, lasting for at least five years if not longer before needing a reapplication.

From driveway resurfacing to the addition of a deck or a patio – all considered to be hardscaping endeavors as opposed to simply traditional landscaping – upgrading your yard or outdoor space can be hugely beneficial. For one, it is hugely recommended for those who are looking to soon sell their homes, as it can increase the overall price that the house will go for, making any renovations and additions well worth their original price. It also simply increases the overall enjoyment of an outdoor space. With the addition of a patio or a deck, many families will take up regular grilling during spring and summer months, and well as fall months if the weather remains nice. This can be an ideal way to spend time together as a family, as well as enjoying the outdoors and the comforts of your home at the same time. It can also provide the perfect space for entertaining, from barbecues to summer birthday parties.

For all of these reasons and even more, hardscaping such as driveway resurfacing and patio renovations can be hugely impactful in the overall quality of your outdoor spaces as well as the enjoyment that you get from them.

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