Finding the Right Moving Company Can Make Life’s Biggest Transition a Success

A full-service mover is ideal when shifting from one location to another. The company does all the tasks associated with getting your things from your current place to your new locale. For instance, they securely pack all your stuff, ensuring your treasured and fragile properties like artwork arrive safely in your new place. Also, they can disassemble massive, bulky furniture to make moving them easy. Also, they take care of loading and offloading heavy boxes into their carriers.

If looking for a moving company, you can find movers online and negotiate the moving charges. If you are moving to a distant place, ensure you get the best long distance carriers because there is always the risk of your items getting damaged over long-distances.

For individuals who are downsizing, there is usually a lot of stuff that will not fit into the new home or office. In such cases, you cannot throw your most valued items. You can do self storage and moving if it is expensive, relying on storage containers shipping services companies. However, self-storage often damages and destroys your stuff as you do not exercise caution most times.

If you have moved a number of times in your life then you understand the energy and stress that is involved in locating. Whether you are moving across the street or across town or you are preparing for a move across the country, the moving services that you work with will determine your success. If, for instance, you are going to rely on a group of fraternity friends and someone’s uncle’s pickup to move your furniture, you need to be ready to face the consequences if something does not go as planned. If, however, your employer is paying for professional moving services and a relocation package you are likely going to have much less stress about the safety of your belongings.

The difference between working with local movers and long distance movers is fairly significant. From the prices to the number of workers who show up on the actual day of the move, some moves are far more sophisticated than others. If you have expensive furniture pieces and family heirlooms, of course, you likely want to pay for the highest quality service that you can find, even if you are only moving across town.

How Many Times Have You Moved in Your Life?

Whether you are someone who has moved several times throughout your life or you are someone who is making the first big transition of moving from your small hometown to the big city, it is important to know that you are working with reliable workers who can make your move a success. Consider some of these facts and figures about the moving industry itself and the moving habits of Americans:

  • 62% of movers in 2017 remained in the same county after their move.
  • The I’s Have It! Idaho is number one state people are moving to, and Illinios is the number one state people are leaving.
  • 17.4% of movers indicate that the number one reason for moving was “wanting a new or better home/apartment.”
  • In the year 2016, the moving industry was worth $85.7 billion.
  • Landing between the beginning of May and Labor Day, nearly 50% of all moves take place in the summer.
  • Representing 35.1 million people, the average annual percent of Americans who move is 11.2%.

Moving is always stressful, but it you take the time to work with the best moving services you can find the process manageable. Booking your mover sooner rather than later can also help you make sure that you get the results that you want.

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