Heating And Cooling Is Draining American Homes The Cost-Effective Benefits Of Solar Energy Systems

Your home uses up a lot of energy. So much so, in fact, it can be hard to keep track of it all.

As a homeowner you do your best to shave off energy costs during your day-to-day. You turn off the sink while you’re brushing your teeth, pull on a blanket instead of cranking up the thermometer…it’s the little things that go into a happy and cost-effective household. Solar energy systems are today’s way of going a step further and adding an eco-friendly benefit to a cost-effective design. Not only does renewable energy save you a lot of money every year, it also leaves virtually no carbon footprint and helps you do your part to keep the environment clean.

Are you considering going green over the next few years? Solar energy systems will be the gift that keeps on giving. Here are just five ways this is done.

Solar Energy Systems Are Becoming More Common

This isn’t just a passing trend. Solar energy systems are cropping up in multiple sectors, including residential locations, and becoming the new way of life. Recent studies have shown there are over one million solar installations across the United States, raking in a cumulative capacity of over 40 gigawatts. The Solar Energy Industries Association has estimated as much as one megawatt of electricity can power 165 homes. When you do the math, that means our solar energy systems are strong enough to power over six million American homes!

Carbon Footprints Are All But Eliminated

Not only is the sun a readily available resource (and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon), the environment will enjoy some short-term benefits. The United States’s carbon footprint is notoriously large, thanks to the massive population and its energy hungry culture. The amount of energy that goes into creating solar panels is paid back through clean electricity production within one to two years, depending on how often they’re used. Compare this with a serviceable life of decades and you have a long-term plan that pays off early.

Clean Energy Is Both Cost-Efficient And High-Quality

It’s possible to have the best of all worlds. Residential solar energy is affordable, clean and high-quality. The HVACR systems market is raking in an impressive $80 billion every year in new installations and repair thanks to this little fact. Proper insulation, such as a better heating system or a house with fewer leaks, has been found to slash heating and cooling costs by 40% or more. According to the U.S. Department Of Energy, anywhere from 25% to 40% of the energy used for heating is straight-up wasted.

Wind Power Is Rising Up In The Ranks

It’s not just solar panel fitting you should be keeping an eye out for! Wind power has also been gaining some traction. Solar and wind power systems have up to 100 times better lifetime yield than either nuclear or fossil energy. The latter is particularly useful for farmland, with a steady supply of wind able to power equipment and residential locations alike. Solar energy use has surged at 20% per year over the past 15 years and is unlikely to start slowing down anytime soon. Taking advantage of it now will pay off immensely almost overnight.

Solar Panels Are Easy To Install And Last A Long Time

Solar energy systems will be the best idea you’ve ever had. You’ll enjoy a lower energy bill every month by relying less on increasingly outdated forms of heating and cooling. Heat gain and heat loss through windows alone are responsible for 30% of residential heat loss. The average American house even spends 55% or more on annual utility bills. Chalk that up with an eco-friendly approach and a long-lasting installation that will boost your ROI, solar energy systems are ready and waiting.

Give yourself the full package. Look into a residential solar panel installation this year.

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